Hey Everyone,

   I’m getting some new Steve related photos and info ready to post but it will be a few days, so until then i thought id share this..

   Back in 2007 i did a piece known as “the gift”, quite a few people who saw the Image thought it was mostly photo-shoping/photo manipulation combined with a photographed doll, (i still get emails on occasion asking me what software/photograpic elements i used to create that image,.. sigh…) In reality everything in the image I handmade.

    The Doll I made made of reject parts from my original old sculpt, The backdrop and heart were wood covered in several layers of paper and paint, some of the nails in the heart are real, some are resin casts of nails.  I made the rose vines from bark wrapped wire, real dried miniature roses and rose leaves, the color was airbrushed onto them as all dried plant material will loose its natural color over time and turn light brown. The rose thorns were all made from sculpey and the heart hes holding i modeled from sculpey premo..

   It was quite a bit of work for just one photo and after the photo was taken I carefully packed all the pieces away and put them in storage where they sat for 6 years.

  Late last month an incredibly talented friend Dreux Priore was vising and helping me with some work on the studio, It was about a week before an art show and i was running short on big show worthy completed pieces to bring, for years Ive always wanted to do something with the original sculpted pieces from “the gift” the day before the show Dreux worked his butt off building this awesome lighted wood and glass case, I stayed up all night painting the case and permanently attaching all the pieces inside of it to finish it off.

After the show i brought it back to the studio where it will probably stay on permanent display for people who visit,…. but it may end up in my living room eventually, :-)


My cluttered desk…

People are either enchanted or horrified when they visit the studio, never had anyone look bored… I keep forgetting how odd my work is, Im surrounded by it every day then someone new drops by and it instantly hits me again.

Its always surprising, peoples reactions. Ive had little old craft ladies giggle in delight at piles of  hands and eyeless faces and on the flip-side Ive had supposedly hip twenty-somethings get that glazed look in their eyes soon as they walk through the door as if they just stepped into Hannibal Lecters walk in freezer..

people are funny.

Everyone who ordered kits/faces/parts from the Steve Store should have received tracking info by now, if not please send me a note/email.

To those wondering, I will be restocking the store again soon as i finish up a couple Vince and Steve doll commissions.(hopefully in a week or so) :-)

Just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow (Friday Oct 26th) Steve will finally be up for sale!.. I’ll be posting a page where he can be ordered directly (thanks to Dreux and his web-skills). For those who didn’t see my previous FB post about ordering, I will be offering 3 different versions of him. The LE clothed version above, a non clothed finished version and a kit version which contains raw unfinished resin parts (for those of us who crave sanding/painting/stringing/pulling out our hair) Soooo be sure to check back tomorrow for more info! :-)

As always if you want to see the jointed version of this pic check out my FB page https://www.facebook.com/BishonenHouse or my DA page http://donnkinney.deviantart.com/

While I’m working on finishing Steves I thought I would post some photos of my other characters in progress.

Here are some of Vince’s additional expressions, the top 2 are the ones that will be included in the kits/dolls, the bottom 3 are optional.. 

Vince isn’t as emotionally complex as Steve so he’ll never have as many expressions but I am working on at least a few more for him ;-)

Hey Everyone,

   I just restocked a bunch of sold out items in the Steve store (faces and wigs)

   Steve Store Link

   I’m currently working on the un-clothed finished Steve figures as well as the LE clothed Steve’s, I’m working to get the first 5 unclothed Steves shipped out sometimes next week, if not the first 5 then at least the first few and the rest to follow.

    Any questions can be sent to my email, bishonenhouse (at) yahoo (dot) com

    For anyone wondering which expression that is in the photo, its the “melancholy talking” sculpt ;-)

The Studio in the Snow…

 A belated happy new years everyone!,

 This year will be a special year for me, it will be the 10 year anniversary of my doll making business, I quit doing animation work back in 2004 and began my now full time job as a doll artist. It was a huge life change for me back then and for the first couple of years I nearly starved to death, finally by the 3rd year I began breaking even and then finally began making a profit.  Ive never done anything more difficult but Ive never done anything more personally rewarding either… A big thanks to everyone whos supported my work over the past 10 years,  heres to the next 10!  :-)

Sorry for the dramatics, Ive just always wanted to use that quote :-)

Well doth surgical biopsies (right neck/left groin) came back NEGATIVE for cancer but positive for granulomas, so I do have Sarcoidosis. I’m currently undergoing treatment (a whopping 60mg of prednisone each day) to hopefully send it into remission (for good) Its impossible to cure Sarcoidosis but I’m in good health and still “fairly” young so my Dr. seems to think 3-6 months of treatment and I should be back to normal “or whatever normal is for me” haha.

I wanted to post a health update earlier but i was also wanting to post an update on the 40 Steves, I’m still working on them and the kits are progressively edging toward completion, soon as i have a final ship date ill be posting it.

Even though I’ve been back to work for a couple of weeks now today is my first “official” day back to work.  June 4th was my surgery and after a couple of weeks of healing i slowwwly began to work again (mostly sculpting and experimenting with new materials)  I’m only just getting back to casting and because my Dr. wants me to greatly limit my daily exposure to chemicals, casting work is going a little slower than the usual but still going well.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind and positive notes and emails! Up until i received my final biopsy results a few weeks back Ive been very scared, It was a big comfort to hear everyone’s stories about health and coping with conditions.

 As always if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to email me at bishonenhouse at yahoo dot com.


Ooops,.. spoke too soon
Thanks everyone for the barrage of kind notes and emails, I had a couple of patrons pay off commissioned work so Tyler is going to stay!! And to those worrying, Bishonen House is in no danger of vanishing, Last year was actually a record year for business! (the larger workshop is actually paying off) so my yearly tax bill was also correspondingly (and unexpectedly) huge!. combined with those “zany” health insurance folks it all amounted to a bunch of very large unexpected expenses all at once….next year ill be ready for their hijinks, thanks again everyone!!

One of the 3 extra sets of hair molds I’m working on for Steve, having the extra molds will really help speed up my casting work.

The mold making process tends to favor symmetrical or at least mostly symmetrical objects, its easy to make a mold of something that can be easily divided in half,… but hair,.. Hair is a bit of a pain but an interesting problem to solve, especially shaggy hair like Steve’s (punches self in the face for designing ALL the male and female characters in Steves world with crazy hair.)

The bits or armature wire will be removed once the silicone has set and will create channels so that any trapped bubbles will be vented from the hair tips.

Thanks for all the kind comments/emails from my last post, especially to all the incredibly patient people who support my work and who have supported my work over the past (nearly 10) years, Its impossible to express how grateful I am for the faith you guys/gals put in me, I’m doing everything i can to get these guys finisehd and out as soon as i can, thank you all again! :-)

Some guy named Steve…

Hes been finished for several months now, standing around naked waiting on his costume to be finished (which is quite involved)

Hes just a test so his paint is a little rough, plus I’m still not used to working on a smaller scale, aside from that I LOVE the way my default resin mix looks at that scale, it has a slight translucency which looks cool on him. (reminds me a little bit of the “pixar” skin shader under certain light)  I cast his hair in a totally different resin with a higher translucency, it glows along the edges when back-lit similar to the way real hair does..

Anyway, he’ll be at Otakon ( a fully clothed and unclothed version to show off the joints ) along with another character from the same project (hopefully) and my 26” girl sculpt. So anyone attending please drop by my AA table to see them all in person (I think he looks better in person) :-)

    A sneak peek at a couple of the additional wig colors (and expressions) that will be available for Steve,  Sorry for the delay in getting the extra kits and the additional faceplates up for sale, Getting the website updated and the shopping cart functioning is taking a LOT longer than i thought it would but hopefully by the end of the week if not early next week the 6 extra kits, all of Steves 13 expressions , new hair colors and a few extra Steve bits  will all be up and for sale.

   For those wondering about the status of the clothed LE Steves and the Nude finished Steves, I am currently working on them and soon as I have shipping dates I will post them (as with the kits)

 As always any questions can be noted to me or sent to bishonenhouse (at) yahoo (dot) com  :-)

   For those who live in the south east US (and those willing to travel) Id like to let everyone know that I will be attending the Atlanta Ball Jointed Doll Convention!, and not only will I be attending but I will also be selling work as well as doing a panel or two about my work, doll making techniques and and my future releases (you will get to see characters from Steves world that are years away from release)
     At the show I’ll have Steve kits and expressions available as well as Vince kits and expressions and a couple very special con-exclusive Steve and Vince Variants!, as well as a con exclusive Steve expression! so if you get the chance please attend the con or at least send a friend in your place to snatch up these rarities!, The con is October 18 - 20, for more info see the link here!—> Atlanta Ball Jointed Doll Convnetion

 For those wondering, the above photo is of Steves “goofy smile” expression.

A few Steve expressions,….

Well 3 days later and the Steve pre-sale has been a success!! I’m actually kinda shocked but pleasantly so :-)
Currently there are only 2 of the LE costumed version of Steve left and only 7 out of 20 of the kits left!

To answer a few of the questions i keep receiving..

ALL of Steves additional faces WILL be available after the pre-sale dolls ship in February, The only reason i didn’t release them with the pre-sale is to lighten my workload a bit, painting and finishing a face is about 1/4 of the total work that goes into a complete doll and too many faceplatee orders combined with doll orders would slow my work on the dolls down to a crawl.

All of the Steves come with 2 different expressions, even the kits. His Default “smirky smile” face and another completely different expression (that i have yet to decided)

Steves underwear are sculpted on, Originally I created Steve to be used only as character model in a webcomic, in the length of the story he is never shown nude so I never sculpted him anatomically correct. If in the future i get allot of requests for an anatomically correct hip sculpt i may make an additional hip-sculpt available.

I am currently working on 8 other character sculpts for the above mentioned comic all are in scale with Steve and in the same style..

For any other questions as always please feel free to email me at bishonenhouse (at) yahoo (dot ) com

And anyone interested in purchasing Steve can find out more info here..  LINK TO SALES PAGE

Were about to be hit with an evil snow storm here In WV (Im hoping its not as bad as its hyped up to be) so its possible my internet and power will go down (ahhh rural life) so if I don’t answer your questions immediately, don’t worry, I will get to all of them soon as the apocalypse is over :-)