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Are there any lgbt days that don't piggyback off of blackout? (I know that anti-feminism-pro-equality tried it and someone made thier own to counteract hers.)

Transgender Day of Visibility - March 31st
Transgender Day of Rememberance - Nov. 20th
Asexuality Awareness Week - Oct. 26 - Nov. 1
Day of Silence(which I personally think is trash but to each their own) - April, date varies
Stonewall Riots Anniversary - June 28th
Pride Month - June
Intersex Awareness Day - Oct. 26
Intersex Solidarity Day - November 8th
Bisexual Pride Day - September 23rd
Bisexual Awareness Week - The Sunday before Bisexual Pride Day
National Coming Out Day - Oct. 11
LGBT History Month(UK) - February

Look at all of these holidays and opportunities to take selfies that are not copying blackout

Look at all of them.

Do you see them?

Now there’s no excuse to do it.

-Mod Virgil