Honesty is so important to me in a relationship. And I’m talking about genuine honesty. I want you to tell me when I’m being sweet and deserve the world. I want you to tell me when I’m being a raging bitch and Satan himself has taken over my body. I want you to tell me that I can’t drive stick shift. I want you to tell me that you ate the last cookie. I want you to tell me that you don’t like it when I call you “honey” or spray that linen spray on my sheets. I want you to tell me that the reason you’re mean to your sister is because she did something to you in the fifth grade. I want you to tell me that you’re self conscious about your body or you love the way your hair looks in the light. I just want honesty across the board. No secrets, no mystery, just honesty and love.

DEAR 100 haterz

could you people for once stop complaining about literally everything?
we have an amazing show that after season 1 became even more awesome of an experience.Unlike reign that had gone far far down into Tartarus for me
or TVD that had its own fans boycotting the possibility of another season.
WE.The 100 fandom have an amazing cast/writers rich and interesting characters, new settings, exciting and original story lines and we still aren’t pleased enough?!
WTF guys.
IN my life (17 in april) a have watched something around 40 entire tv shows including emmy winners like got sherlock etc. and if i were to be asked right now which one is the best (ever) the 100 would be in top 5 if not higher.
We have great antagonists and protagonists, racial and cultural diversity and also sexual as of now
how is that a bad thing?!
there’s so many straight people in television that a new member of LGBT community should be celebrated not frowned upon.
I’m straight so LGBT is not a group that really hits home for me but i can and will appreciate sexual diversity (if that term exists) in tv films and books because there is so little of it and it shows and intresting and unknown point of view for some people

also people being pissed off about Clarke being the main focus SHE’S THE F#$%ING MAIN CHARACTER, THIS SHOW STARTED QUITE LITERALLY WITH HER
(sorry for any possible typos eng is my second language)