Finale/Shipper Thoughts

Tody’s finale was absolutely beautiful and I was reduced to fangirl squeaking on multiple occasions. The ships I want to talk about are:

  • Zhurrick
  • Korrasami
  • Bopal
  • Kainora

I’ll start with that the only thing I was sad about is that I didn’t see any Kainora moments during the time skip! Makes me sad. Also, I loved how Bolin was so worried for Opal and carried her like the cutest bf evarrr. 

ZHURRICK IS MY ACTUAL OTP. Varrick stunned me with his proposal and damn in the best way possible. Zhu Li is an absolute BAMF queen and she looked beautiful at their wedding! I’m beyond happy about their happy ending. now I need more fanfiction and I’ll be good

Now for the big one… Korrasami! Honestly, I never really shipped Makorra after the first few episodes because their dynamic wasn’t always healthy. I never explicitly shipped Korra with anyone else. (Not counting shipping Howrra cuz I’m a little shit) The Korrasami moments leading up to the finale, I was like I’m pretty chill if this is canon… and now it’s canon! Honestly, I’m glad it ended up this way. Asami and Korra had an extremely deep and meaningful friends relationship before becoming a romantic pair. There’s that thing that says the best romantic relationships start out as best friends. I ship Korrasami because they have a caring and trusting relationship with each other. 

The thing I am most happy about of the Korrasami canon is that it has literally made so many people in the LGBTQA+ community, especially bi people, so freaking happy. There is rarely representation for different sexualities in media, and what Legend of Korra has done for a lot of people today I believe is thankful. This is a huge achievement! Being heterosexual, I see plenty of pairings all the time I can relate with. But I can see on the legend of korra tag are people saying how happy they are that they can finally relate to a pairing now and cool stuff like that. What Legend of Korra has done is given a not het pairing a voice, and now there is representation for a different demographic. Also, let us not forget that this pairing also fearures POC, which is pretty rad.

In conclusion, I am happy Korrasami is canon because it is progressive and gives different sexualities representation, and mostly because of the positive impact it will have on someone’s life who is still searching for who they are.

So, I haven’t seen the new LOK but I heard about korrasami becoming canon. Guys. Do you know what kind of uproar this could bring? Do we not remember what happened to Good Luck Charlie? It got taken off the air for showing a lesbian couple and the little girl got death threats. (If I’m correct, she’s only five. It must have scared the shit out of the poor girl.) The same shit could happen to LOK. It could get taken off the air. The producers and the actors (ESPECIALLY the actresses for Korra and Asami) could get threatened. I am not saying I’m one of those horrible people. I fucking support homosexual people. I am bisexual. I just want you all to keep this in mind and keep the creators and actors/actresses in your hearts as we know homophobes won’t take this lightly. Just please, if you are religious, pray for them. If not, hope that the homophobes have mercy on the beloved people who made LOK possible. I don’t care if I get any hate because of this post. It’s important for any Korrasami fan to reblog this.


Apparently it’s pansexual pride day today, so happy pride day to all of my pansexual followers! 


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