heymallory asked:

I hope you've had a great birthday Beth, even though you had to work (which sucks). Oooh, and I love the birthday girl button!

It was alright. Made bank at work tonight. The best stuff is this weekend! And thanks! I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for half my tip money tonight! :D

eternal-flow asked:

HAVE YOU EVER:6. Dated someone twice7. Been cheated on8. Self harmed9. Lost someone special10. Been depressed11. Been drunk and threw upTHIS YEAR HAVE YOU:12. had sex13. How many people have you had sex with this year?15. Made a new friend17. Laughed until you cried18. Met someone who changed you19. Found out who your true friends were20. Found out someone was talking about you26. What did you do for your last Birthday27. What time did you wake up today

6: No 7: No 8: no 9: yes 10: no 11: nope 12: no 13: 0 15: yes 17: yes 18: yes 19: not really 20: yes 26: Ate Lasagna 27: 6:45