So for the last week I had been pretending like I was going to keep Navyy’s birthday dinner low-key, that we would give her the day to herself and just come home for something quiet.  Meanwhile I tipped off her friends to my scheme and started planning a dinner out for her with them.  For years she has been angling for a surprise party, and while I only delivered a surprise dinner, I think she was pretty genuinely surprised (and happy) about it!

I hope they have a fun evening out.  Minky and I had dinner with my parents and got in a lot of quality time today.  Navyy did not get a ton of time with the two of us today (for better or worse), but I am sure we can make up for it with some hanging out time this weekend.  All in all I think we managed to give Navyy a 30th birthday that was full of fun.