THIS is how AWESOME my birthday weekend was… 😎🎉


40th Birthday Gifts! 

I feel like it’s kind of tacky to go on at length about my birthday gifts, but I did want to point out just a few amazing things of possible interest to tumblr folk:

  • An awesome wall hanging from thatsminethankyou. As she said in her card, Running + Doctor Who = ME. So perfect.
  • The most fitting and adorable mug and a Cabela’s gift card from fromlazytolively. Also perfect.

  • A gorgeous custom-made Doctor Who-themed bag from my sister. Because wow.

On top of those and other gifts from family and friends, I basically used my birthday and party as an excuse to get almost everything I’ve wanted for my kitchen/house for the last year. The above collage is most of it. But I also got five new large serving platters and bowls, cloth napkins, three new floor rugs, four large soup/serving bowls and four condiment bowls that match the new dinnerware (service for 8 this time!), bath towels. Can’t think of what else, but all of it was more than enough.