Fairfield, Alabama, a part of Birmingham, is currently under an AMBER Alert. A kid by the name of Rhashud Felix has been abducted. His abductor is believed to be Tanja Felix.

Rhashud: 9 years old, male, skin-black, hair-black, eyes-brown, 4 foot 5 inches, 75 pounds.
Tanja: 53 years old, female, skin-black, hair-black, eyes-brown, 5 foot 4 inches, 230 pounds, wearing a black and white shirt and dark jeans.
Vehicle: 2008 Lincoln MKX, SUV. Alabama license plate #82PJ1.

The child is believed to be in extreme danger. Officials and family members seem to believe that the suspect’s automobile is heading toward Mobile, Alabama. Please, if you are able, help to search for and save this child. Above is the picture posted for him.

In Gaza, more than 70,000 people have already lost their homes - that’s almost 4% of the population.

If this level of destruction was applied to the UK, around 2.5 million people would now be homeless. That’s the equivalent of every person in Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield and Liverpool put together, all losing their homes in one month.

REBLOG this to call for permanent peace and an end to the blockade in Gaza – so more people can rebuild their homes and their lives.

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