Inflatable baby incubator wins James Dyson Award

A prototype inflatable incubator for prematurely-born babies has been picked as the international winner of this year’s James Dyson Award.

Mom costs a fraction of the price to make than commonly-used alternatives.

The project’s inventor - Loughborough University graduate James Roberts - said he hoped the final product would be used in the developing world.

One expert said it should be a good stand-in so long as the babies using it were not too premature.

Mr Roberts said that he had begun work on Mom as part of a final year project inspired by a TV documentary.

"I was watching a Panorama programme on BBC about Syrian refugees, and they had a segment about how there are loads of premature kids dying because of the stresses of war and specifically the lack of incubators out there and the infrastructure to support them," he recalled.

"I thought there has to be a way to solve that."

He added that the £30,000 award meant that he could continue work on the machine, which he now hopes to bring to market by 2017. 

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Before I Read Homestuck: who the characters were to me

John: dumb nerd pretty sure
Dave: cool guy that has a brother that everyone loves and has feels for ???
Rose: likes books and is drunk i think ???
Jade: she has a gun i guess ??? farmers daughter maybe
Aradia: the red one
Tavros: the stupid one with the dumb horns
Sollux: 3d glasses guy
Karkat: the one everyone in the fandom loves that says fuck all the time apparently
Nepeta: cute(?) weird cat leo girl
Kanaya: what
Terezi: the mean sassy and annoying one that people like for some reason
Vriska: johns cool and hot girlfriend
Equius: angry sunglasses man
Gamzee: clown kid ??? crazy hair
Eridan: fish prince thats probably a bad guy
Feferi: fish princess thats married to fish prince

About “BIRHS Fics"

“Before I read Homestuck” is a confession style blog that collects stories of what people thought about Homestuck before they started reading it. I thought there were some great stories and interesting plots and fanfics needed to be written about them. Feel free to submit your stories with a link to the post on beforeireadhomestuck that inspired it.

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