alpacables blablabla $3 ea bla (i’ve crossposted this like 3 times i’m so lazy)


edit: oh i should mention that i’m not selling these ones per say lol, these are already from other people who’ve bought them~ these are customs and just samples! ouo

see that? that’s Valtameri. it’s only part of a world i’ve kicked around for years, and i hate that it’s never become fully developed. discouraged by work, other people’s criticisms, the daunting thought of having to think of every aspect of valtameri has made me shy away from my meteor-ridden world.

but i really want to see it work. i wish there were people who would make more nations with me to put beside valtameri, nations that aren’t from MY head because my ideas seem so boring to me all the time. i still hate that map–it doesn’t nearly have all the information i want to put on it.

it’s shape isn’t what i’ve hoped it to be either.

:c i want to make a flushed, high-fantasy but also modern world with someone. then stick all my characters on it. and roleplay with them.