Alright Alright srs post now. I’ma tell you all a story about myself and this costume.


HI HEY HELLO THERE! My name is Sam, I’m 21 years old and 99% of my cosplays over the years are all BULLSHIT. I’m the type of cosplayer where, ‘Hey! That looks p good in a photo!’ but up close and in person you can see every corner I cut and easy road I take.

I’m okay with this.

I like to not fret so much over the accuracy or the completion of my costumes because I’d rather have fun in them then stress over them! So when Wreck it Ralph first came out and I had a moment where I dropped into fantasy land where I actually made this stupid fucking costume and got to run around and basically act like an asshole and feel really proud of it. 

So I bought the wig.

And when I put it on I was overwhelmed with the feeling of ‘jesus christ I actually want this now.’ I really wanted to make the costume. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about cosplay, and even so I hadnt felt it in a very very VERY long time. So of course when Sakuracon was rolling around the corner about 3 months out I finally decided to set it in stone. 

Now I’m just gonna say this up front. I have never made armor before. Even just the concept still blows my fucking mind. So when I finally took the plunge and committed I already felt like I was diving head first into the deep end without my water wingies, 

Then I found THIS tutorial for the Fem!Shepard armor from Mass Effect and suddenly everything seemed obtainable.

Of course this was all theory in my head when I was mapping this shit out at work so when I finally hunkered down and started working on the initial blue prints I was jerked back to reality that PROP MAKING AND CRAFTS ARE FUCKING  HARD. So 724823984239 kudos to all you cray prop and armor makers out there this shit is cray.


I have most of the blueprints all laid out and good to go, so I go out and start buying some of the materials I’ll need to start making it. One and a half days into starting I get hit with this overwhelming sense of ‘what the fuckgujeos did I sign up for.’ and I start stressing like its nobodys friggen business. 

And as if an angel sent on high by God his goddamn self, Shelley, my darling my sweety my perfect honey bun, is hangin with me and says ‘Oh hay my dad has a dremel tool and a heat gun you can use!’

SRSLY A GODSEND. That cut the work in half and gave me results that were actually looking up and the stress started bleeding away like a pressure wound that finally got an air hole. 

So I start really gettin to work on this shit. My rule for those couple of months before the con was that I had to finish at least ONE thing every night. Sometimes I didn’t sleep because I’d get really into it (I’m an amateur this shit is hard so sue me). 

A couple of days before the con I have multiple hot glue burns, paint literally coated on my hands in the LAYERS (I still have some on my nails now and its been like a month jesus) and I am literally flipping my shit because none of its attatched and that was one of the more daunting aspects I was supposed to tackle. 

Then Shelley Amanda and Kelsey came over and literally tossed my ass into the body suit and stayed up till 3 in the fucking morning the night before the con sticking strips of industrial velcro on and around my body. Shelley even took time out over Day 0  at the con to attach last minute pieces for me. I srsly dont know where I’d be without my darling angels jesusussss

So the day I’m supposed to wear it roles around and I get all strapped up and I’m feelin fly as fuq, and then I realized that I am a big fat baby and the entire costume put together hurts like a motherfucker. So I cant keep it on for very long.

BUT LONG STORY SHORT (TOLATE) when I was in the costume running around and making faces and generally having a good time even though my feet felt like there were going to fall off

Every single compliment, every single photo someone asked for, every glance or smile or anything made me want to cry with joy.

Now I’m not claiming this is the greatest armor every made or anything but it is by far the biggest project I’ve ever completed and I worked so goddamn hard on it. Even now, just seeing people reblogging and leaving such nice comments makes me all woobly because getting recognition for something you’ve put so much time and effort into is literally one of the greatest feelings ever.

So thankyou THANK YOU THANK YOU  to everyones compliments and everything and heireslghnlwsg EMOTIONS.

a super UBER shout out to Shelley for keeping me sane through the entire creation process because I would have crashed and burned multiple times if it hadn’t been for her and all of her help and being my own personal body guard at the con and generally being the greatest friend in exsistance <3

Also to my wrecking crew Lucas Jenna Max and Ryan for putting up with my whiny cry babying and generally being the greatest group in exsistance (srsly ilu guys so much it was WORTH THE PAIN)

And of course Alex for taking all the pictures and being so patient with us when we were dragging ass before the shoot and hgvelsGrgroj <3




If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

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Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you hereand list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

Type: INTJs (Masterminds) are clever, analytical, pragmatic and logical, and are not scared to tell someone (or themselves) when they’re being stupid. They emphasize efficiency, making them simultaneously loners and excellent leaders. Their natural talent for planning and system-building often makes them the perfect villains.

I am so many awful people LOL. I mean, a few good ones too. Most of these don’t surprise me (I always knew I was Edd goddammit) but… I’m Mr. Darcy… Wow.

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