The whole set, together. Six vultures. Six proud, lovely carrion eaters. Doing this set made me learn a few things about the birds I never knew, and made me love them even more. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series! It was fun.

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5 Eerily Familiar Things Animals Do When They’re Drunk

#5. They Are Terrible Singers
Since scientists get bored sometimes, Christopher Olson from the Oregon Health & Science University decided to find out if the birds he worked with would also suffer vocally if they had a little alcohol in them. So one day he added some to their juice, in an act that would be totally illegal if it involved humans, but it was just some finches, so fuck it.
The scientist said he wasn’t even sure the finches would drink the booze, but that in the end they were “somewhat willing to consume it,” which I can only assume means it took hours of peer pressure about how they needed to be cooler if lady finches were ever going to go out with them. The results were pretty much what you would expect, but way funnier because they are birds. The finches’ songs became “less organized” and they slurred whatever the avian equivalent of words are.

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This little bird may have just saved my house.

Traditionally, cardinals have been my good luck bird. This morning, my boyfriend came back from letting our chickens out, and told me that he had found a dead cardinal just outside our house door. 

A chill went down my spine. I told him that, despite our plans to leave the house for lunch today, I was not going to go anywhere. A dead cardinal couldn’t possibly mean anything good.

A few minutes ago, our smoke alarms began to sound, and we had to go stop our washing machine from setting the rest of my house on fire.

~Fly away~
Picture made by me :)
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