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i was tagged by my very sweet Lil One oikawa6! sorry it took so long to answer bby!! ^3^

  1. What is your favourite animal and why? i love all animals, but i think turtles are super cute! any bird of prey is also a fave, so fierce and majestic bokuto doesnt count tho
  2. Do you prefer the day or the night? night! i’m a lot more active and alert. but i have the curse of being both a night owl and a morning person so i’m generally up at all times of the day. like today, on a saturday, i woke up at 4 a.m. because body clock said so
  3. Do/did you play an instrument? If so, what? i played the oboe for five years, and the flute for two! i’m way better at the oboe lol
  4. What is your favourite hobby? does oisuga count
  5. How many pillows do you sleep with? hmmm….i sleep with like 6 but i use three
  6. What is your favourite genre of book? i like historical fiction and nonfiction, especially about world war two
  7. What is your favourite shape? Do you have one? cara are you serious    i would go with oikawa’s face. that’s a shape now.
  8. Do you prefer cold or heat? heat! i love feeling it warm my skin :3
  9. What is on your bedspread/duvet/etc (patterns, pictures, etc.)? pretty green, purple, and pink flowers
  10. Do you sleep with a cuddly toy? nope. literally just a small white pillow that i hug to my chest lol
  11. Have you ever eaten grass or something else weird? If so, what, when and why? haha…yeah….i have eaten grass… idk, like it doesn’t taste bad. also when i was a little kid i would eat dead spiders  # i was a badass kid

Aight bros so my questions are under the cut, but the SEVEN people i tag are: petitene, yamayachi-shrine, melancocoaly, sariahhime, the-no-life-sassy-senpai, sugasenpai98, and soosc i dont know you last two bbys but i see your names all the time lol. 

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agonyaddict asked:

you saved my life with the bird being human thing

I’m seriously so glad that helped you out haha it took me forever to see it and I saw that no one had actually posted how to see it so I figured I’d save some people the stress that I had :)

I went to get a new guinea pig and the only one they had was adopted an hour before we got there :(

Hayattan çok bi beklentim yok aslında böyle bir güzellik abidesi birde deniz i seven bi eş istiyorum…Çokça amin.


I’m just calling to say that I… I’m really sorry for making you feel so bad.