hey everyone, my friend mamamantis is in a real bind right now and would be grateful of any donations you could spare. Here’s a link to the in depth of what is going on (CW for #abuse, #self harm, and #suicide). Cee’s paypal is fallendire@gmail.com. Cee is a great person dealing with a lot of stuff right now and could use a little help. If you can’t donate signal boosting this would be greatly appreciated.

Protect all younger autistic kids that’s literally the only goal I have in life I want you all to be safe and happy and to not have to go through the same things I’ve had to go through. I want you all to be accepted as you are and to be understood by others. I want you to thrive.

~~~mini transfeminine make up giveaway~~~

alright so i’ve recently used a lot of elf products and have been really happy with them + i have way too many eyeliners already, so here’s a mini eye make up give away!!

One person will be getting the following:

  • 3 eye brushes (a regular, a blending, and a defining brush)
  • one self sharpening eyeliner pencil in black
  • two eyeshadow pallets (party purple and smoky)
  • eyelid primer


  • must be a camab trans feminine person or trans woman
  • if you are cafab or not entering please tag it as #not entering
  • must be in the continental US (sorry shipping out of the US is a butt!)
  • you don’t have to be following me
  • must be 18 years or older or have your parents permission (i’m serious about this)
  • must be ok with giving me an address
  • i’ll be choosing the winner at random on July 25, 2014 at 9 pm
  • the winner will have 24 hours to reply before i choose someone else

ok!! yeah!!! OuO

Like. ..do you ever just get in awe of people? Like when you’re talking to them and you just realize how amazing they are? And how funny and comfortable and safe they make you feel?

I like that feeling. I like knowing wonderful people.

If you forget to include disabled women in your list of disadvantaged women not represented by mainstream feminism I will 100% assume it’s because you don’t think disabled people are worthy of basic human rights. The sad thing is I’m usually right, too.

Like….don’t harmfully mock people or discredit them for misspelling words. It’s one thing if the mistake is cute and you’re making light of the situation but if you’re discrediting what a person has to say because of improper grammar and spelling I really don’t want to be around you.

if u r reading this i just want 2 let u know that i am proud of u. i am proud of ur successes and ur failures. i am proud of u 4 existing and i am proud of u for growing amounts so small they can’t be measured every day. 

i am proud of u because u are enough. 

Like ok I have a lot of problems with some of the more popular teenage disabled trans bloggers on this site due to their ableism but I think it’s important to always remember that when I was their age I was just as shitty if not more shitty then them??

Like they’re just kids and I can’t hold them to the standard I hold people my age to bc they are not my my age. They are children. And as children they are most definitely still learning about different facets of oppression and unlearning bigoted behaviors.

But that being said, us older people have to take the responsibility to at least try to calmly explain why something is bigoted or oppressive to our younger people because younger people will react defensively and won’t learn anything this way.

And younger people, don’t ignore what older people of your marginalized group are saying. Think about it. Ask questions, and try to understand. It’s entirely possible that older people have experienced something in life that you have not experienced yet, but will.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I see younger kids afraid to admit they messed up or refuse to and ultimately it just hurts everyone more if they do instead of learning about why what they are saying/doing/thinking is wrong.

My only goal is for other disabled kids to really understand how our whole society is based on the oppression of disabled people, and it does get really frusting why I see younger people straight up refuse to think they could possibly learn anymore on the subject of ableism.

I care about disabled kids so much you all are the future and I want to be able to teach you thingd that I have learned the hard way and help make it so you never have to experience those things.