A series of illustrations that outlines the discovery and adaptation of zero as a mathematical concept. 

I. Fist, before zero was used by humans there was only a concept of having or not having. II. Then, when it first appeared in use in Babylonian script it was as a place holder signifying many of a thing, but not a number unto itself. III.Next, when it was finally recognized as a number of absent value, it horrified the western mathematicians for it represented the possibility of a void beyond life. IV. However, as it was accepted, theorists (including zeno) began to see it’s extraordinary possibilities and write paradoxes around it. V.Finally, in a more modern use of the number, Zero is what makes programming, space travel, advanced movement, and our understanding of the big bang possible. Zero is the beginning.  

Cat of the Day

Gloria, from Katz Castle, Cobham, Surrey. Click here for more info on adoption or ways to donate. They are always in need of donations!

“Gloria is a very pretty fluffy tortoiseshell and white girl who is around 10 years old. She was a stray who was discovered in someone’s garden eating the birds’ seed which had fallen on the ground. She is still rather thin but is now enjoying good food at the shelter. Gloria is a friendly cat who could live with teenage children but not a dog; she also doesn’t like other cats.”

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I hate talking about my birds to co-workers or even strangers. Hate, hate, hate it. Because 75% of the time the answers are:

“I had a bird once. It died.” (usually budgies)

“I had a bird growing up. My parents got rid of it because it was going to live forever.” (usually parrots, and I never ask what they mean by “I got rid of it”).

“My friend has a bird and it flew away.”

“My aunt had a bird and my dog killed it.”

“My husband made me get of the bird because it got seed everywhere.”

WHY?!? Why do you say these things?? Look, I understand you think birds are lesser pets than cats and dogs, but when someone comes up to you and says “I have a poodle!” you aren’t going to say “that’s nice, I had one too and it got hit by a car” or “we gave it to a shelter because it lived longer than we wanted it to.

Why do we have a double standard for birds and other exotics, and why do people feel so comfortable expressing that double standard to someone who clearly cares about their feathered pets?

"I love Golden retrievers.” “You know what? I’m sure glad you do, because I know one thing about golden retrievers and its that my aunt had one and it’s DEAD.” Thanks, asshole.

I’m just stunned at the frequency of these comments.

He’s willing to lose

*this is the gayest thing I have ever done
… and also…
Damn it, Andy, You’re married and Danny has a girlfriend!!

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

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Just thinking about Danny being in a very awkward situation where he’s just out with his girlfriend and

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