okay i found a bird outside not long ago and it was shivering and so i decided to take it inside and i made a box for him and put a bit of water in a glass and bird seed in there as well but i can’t keep it in the house so i had to put it inside the garage and im not sure what else to do?? i put a couple of gloves in there so it would be warmer but i dont know if theres something else i need to do??

Nicaraguan Seed-Finch (male) - Oryzoborus nuttingi

Oryzoborus nuttingi (Passeriformes - Thraupidae) is a medium-sized finch (up to 14.5 cm) with a massive bill which gives such an aspect that has probably inspired more than a comic character or Pokemon. Males have a conspicuously pale-pink bill, and entirely deep black plumage, while females and immatures are dark-billed.

This cute bird is native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, where inhabits wet grassy areas.

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Photo credit: ©Jorge Chinchilla A. | Locality: Boca Tapada, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica (2014)