Ontogenic sequence of eastern bluebirds, Sialia sialis, from hatching to fledging. These beautiful songbirds nest in my yard every spring, and this year I wanted to record the process by taking a photograph every day as they grew. Bluebirds are very tolerant of humans, but even so I was careful to not disturb them, and since we have a slotted box (rather than a circular opening box), it was easy to slip my phone in and check up on them unobtrusively. 

It is truly fascinating to watch, on a daily basis, the ability of nature to convert insects and worms so elegantly into feathers, bone and flesh.

European Robin (juvenile) ~ Rotkehlchen (Jungvogel) ~ Erithacus rubecula

This bird is almost through his/her first molt - which transforms the bird from “tail to beak”. :-) We had to bring two Robins to the vet this year, an adult with typical cat attack injuries and a fledgling like the one depicted above with a broken leg. They survived and were released at the vet’s place which was kind of annyoing because hey, these birds live here in this yard?! Let’s just hope that this little guy has made it and that the parent bird will find another mate next spring.

PS: I know, I know, I should be going through my pics from Florida. But Florida is the sunshine state and in Germany it is reeeeally cold now and I’m so drawn to the pictures of the youngsters in the yard from this spring - when it was sunny, warm and very “birdy”. :-D

2014 © Jesse Alveo

Amsel (Jungvogel) ~ European Blackbird (juvenile) ~ Turdus merula

Fall is here and I enjoy looking through my pics from this spring: sweet baby Blackbird resting in the yard and waiting for parents to return with food. :-) 

2014 © Jesse Alveo