Abandoned Sinter Plant on Flickr.

Ostrava, Czech republic
February 2015

This factory stopped production in 1998. It used to process (agglomerate) iron ore dust. It’s product was delivered to nearby blast furnaces. Well, that blast furnaces are now turned to something like a technological museum.

As I researched a little bit, this factory will be sooner or later demolished. The smoke stack is 101 meters high and 15 meters thick at the bottom.

It is set near the center of the city. I have never seen this factory so clearly thanks to the lack of leaves in the winter time. It is photographed from behind the fence.

Acadia Birch Forests

The Jessup Trail The birch forests in Acadia National Park in Maine send my mind into another lifetime, one where I might have been Russian. It is said that when Russians are abroad they tremble in the knees should they see birches. Берёзы remind one of home. The first full day in Acadia was a foggy one, good for exploring woods. The filtered light came out really well. Here are several shots from different places in the park.

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