A few months later, Jenny and I go to city hall and get married. I still didn’t believe in the idea of marriage—and I still don’t… But I believe in her.

And I’ve given up on the idea of being right.

—  Mike Birbiglia - My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Trailer for Sleepwalk With Me, the new film co-written by Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass.

So earlier this week I went to see Mike Birbiglia on his “Thank God For Jokes” tour, at a theatre that Bill Cosby was performing at the following month. A lot of the patrons that night were much, much older than my friend and I, and Mike is such a niche comedian, we were wondering how he drew such a seasoned crowd. As people who work in theatre ourselves, and who are trying very hard to get Birbigs on our stage, we wanted to know how they marketed him to that age group (our patrons are currently very seasoned, as well, and gaining any amount of success would require selling him to those patrons), but it also made sense because we knew Cosby would be there next month, and he “appeals” more to the older crowd.

Anyway, there’s a bit in Mike’s TGFJ tour when he talks about how he tries not to swear on stage, because his family is catholic and when he started gaining ground as a comedian, his mother asked him not to use those words, because he didn’t have to, that plenty of people - like Oprah - were perfectly funny without using swear words. When I saw this show in AZ, he talked about how he didn’t like putting that much importance on whether a comic swears or not, because some of the funniest people, and the ones he looked up to swore… Like Richard Prior. But this was back in May. This time, he talked about the first bit, and then dropped this little tag line in there as well:

"And some of the comedians that don’t swear we’re leading horrible lives of crime."

My friend and I just started cheering, but there wasn’t a huge reaction from a lot of the patrons so, just to make sure everyone knew who he was talking about, he added “on this stage next month!!!!” So many of the people there were unhappy about it, and it was interesting hearing them all complain about it when we left, but it was my favorite part of the show.

anonymous asked:

Highlights of your 2014??

oh GOD uhhhhh

  • Seeing Portugal the man in concert was so overwhelming amazing I kinda cry about it still, 2014 was the year of me crying over stuff I love that band so much and it was the first time I could ever go to a concert of a doofy band I liked
  • JFL 42,comedians don’t come here too often, but when they do, THEY COME IN MASSES AND HAVE SHOWS EVERY NIGHT FOR LIKE A WEEK AND IT WAS SO FUN I saw birbigs, and I saw Seth meyers and I there is so much I want to do for next year I love comedy yo
  • Fam jam vacation to Jamacia (im going again in 2015 heyyoo)
  • seeing my aunt for a weekend, she’s my best friend and loves the same things I do.
  • BUFFER FESTIVAL 2014: and this one is super important to me, because I appricate youtube creators so much and I met so many beautiful funny cuties that I still try to talk to, and I’m so honoured to volunteer my time with basically my favourite people on the internet.

there is probably more but those moments stick out the most