sometimes idk if i’m ultraradian rapid cycling or having a mixed episode. i frequently find myself confused between these. i once seriously pissed someone off by getting those confused, remember? hahaha, and then i got bullied by that person and their friends for like over a day? ah good times. anyway, this was a random thought, i’m not actually mixed/cycling right now. right now i’m just 100% in a deep dark depression.

Front Pocket:

Index Card (ABDC)
            Active Situation
            Beliefs on Situation
            Dispute (how consequences overrule the good)
Pro-Con Chart for Unhealthful Behaviors
Safety Plan

Composition Notebook: For prompts and exercises in recovery books.
I personally have a 3-Subject because I use it for Regaining Your Self, 8 Keys to Recovery, and Telling ED No!

Stay in the Flow (now, daily, weekly, monthly)
What Do I Want?
Daily Self Love
60 Things I Love About… (life, myself, ect…)
What’s Your Solution?
Goal Setting
Commitment to Life Contract


Use this section to keep information on what you’re recovering from. You can also put in a list of emotions, thinking styles, ect…
If you can find simple articles it could make things easier. You can try looking at my other masterposts for information.

Some examples, my binder isn’t yet complete in this section either.




Back of Binder:

Seeking Solutions to Self-Injury

Back Pocket:

Relapse Prevention Plan

Safety Plan Cards


I also like to keep a lot of loose-leaf paper in the back and behind certain printouts. You can check out my recovery resources page for more places to find therapy and self-help worksheets- there is an entire section just for worksheets. Also, look at my worksheets tag (stuff I have yet to print out for myself).

My binder is still VERY incomplete so I will be going through and getting new worksheets off of all the websites listed on my resources page as well. Chose what you need for what you’re going through.

As you can tell, for my binder I really like to find worksheets from Jessica Mullen and Natalie Masson.

You can also categorize your binder by disorder differently, personally, I think mine needs to be reorganized but I’ll do that after I post this because it’s driving me crazy.

Coping Bank and Alternatives Jar

She was outgoing, silly, always joking. She just wasn’t doing very well that day.

Cops Slam Unarmed Woman On The Pavement, Killing Her In Front of Family

Tanesha Anderson was killed by the police in front of her family. Her family had called the police hoping they would help get her into a psychiatric facility for an evaluation (she had bipolar disorder). Instead, they killed her right there. 


Hank and John Green have been making YouTube videos since 2007. Their creation, “Crash Course,” gives short understandings to a variety of different subjects. One of their topics is Psychology, and one of the videos featured is this one on “Depressive and Bipolar Disorders.” 

Looking for a video to share with friends or family members? Want to learn more about mental illness? These videos might be good to have on hand. 

Just had a conversation about depression with my mother
  • My mother :... But how don't you know how to get over it?
  • Me :What
  • My mother :I mean, you've had so many depressive episodes before, you have to know how to deal with those now.
  • Me :That's... not how it works.
  • My mother :What do you mean?
  • Me :Okay... How can I explain this?
  • Me :Oh, right, I got it.
  • Me :You broke one of your legs once, right?
  • My mother :Right.
  • Me :Just imagine for a second that you just broke that leg a second time.
  • Me :You don't expect me to tell you to make it heal faster because you broke your leg before, now, do you?
  • Me :Things just don't work that way. No matter what you've experienced before, you can't make your body do things it can't.
  • Me :Well that's just it.
  • My mother :oh
  • My mother :...
  • My mother :OH.
  • My mother :That is actually a really good point.