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Alien Army: fuori oggi il nuovo EP, il 15 maggio la serata evento a Milano

Big Party Remixes è il nuovo Ep di ALIEN ARMY, in uscita oggi 30 aprile su iTunes e tutte le piattaforme digitali per This Play Music.

Il nuovo Ep esce a pochi mesi dall’ultimo album ufficiale The Difference, un progetto concepito da una formazione che unisce la nuova e la storica scuola del turntablism italiano, in una versione inedita e rinnovata che ha riconfermato ALIEN ARMY come il più importante collettivo di Dj in Italia ed Europa.
Big Party Remixes nasce dall’idea del collettivo di far reinterpretare alcuni dei loro brani a prestigiosi remixer e produttori italiani come Johnny Fresh Experience, Sharks In Venice, Blatta NuType, Marvel, Biox, e ai producer emergenti Chriverde e Enzo Capuano che hanno vinto a pari merito il remix contest on line, guadagnandosi la possibilità di partecipare all’EP. ALIEN ARMY ha voluto affidare i remix a musicisti di diversa estrazione, accomunati però da un talento cristallino e da un gusto musicale unico e raffinato che ha permesso di dare una nuova veste alle produzioni del collettivo capitanato da Dj Skizo.

Venerdì 15 maggio ALIEN ARMY presenterà al Leoncavallo di Milano The Difference con una serata-evento ricca di ospiti. Tutte le info qui.

1. Johnny Fresh Experience – Big Party
2. Sharks In Venice – Big Party
3. Chriverde – Danger Zone
4. Ezio Capuano – Danger Zone
5. Blatta NuType – Walking On The Moon
6. Trema 2P, Skizo, Mandrayq – Trema
7. Simo G feat. Marvel, Biox – We Can Devastate

Premier Dead Sea Intensive Anti Aging Biox Serum

Premier Dead Sea Intensive Anti Aging Biox Serum

Premier Dead Sea Intensive Anti Aging Biox Serum

  • Mineral concentration formula / Prevents sagging / Tones faces
  • Wrinkle reducing / Adds elasticity

BIOX Intensive Anti-Age Serum provides a long lasting anti-wrinkle effect.
This BIOX Serum offers a non-invasive cosmetic solution to reduce tension in our facial muscles and reduce the effects of time. BIOX serum is enriched with Dead Sea minerals…

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Biox is an aggressive, semi-robotic tom, that hates near everyone. 
He went from person to person, to person again.
Time and time again he was abandoned, thrown aside, cheated, and used.
So, he eventually said fuck it. He now just hates everyone.

Though, one person managed to get through to him somehow. Though…from an outsiders view, the two look like they want to murder one another.
Biox, and a friends OC,  Gas Mask, are a couple that has seen their fair share of drama.

Biox wasn’t always semi-robotic, and he and Gas Mask got together BEFORE the metal. 
They were never a very…lovey….couple. Fighting on a regular basis, having a hard time agreeing with anything, they just kept having problems, but stuck through it, for one reason or another. 
And eventually, between the two of them, they had two children.
They got along for a bit.

Skipping a bit of drama cause I can’t remember all of it.

THeeeennnn, when the two were taking the children out, Biox and the kids went ahead of Gas Mask, who was getting some snacks for them, and crossing the street, the group of three were all stuck by a rather large truck, at a very high speed. The force caused his ribs to cave in, limbs shatter, and, the thing that brought him closest to death, was that his lower jaw was torn away. The kids got off with lighter injuries, though they too have to go through life with metal.

The family is closer now, however, they still fight.
But, I believe they wouldn’t really want that to change any. >W<

Dead Sea Premier BIOX set - Cream, Serum and Mask

Dead Sea Premier BIOX set – Cream, Serum and Mask

PREMIER DEAD SEA COMPLETE BIOX SET MASK + SERUM + CREAM BIOX Series The Biox line from Premier USA contains ingredients from the Dead Sea, to help clients in the battle against aging. The line includes three products designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, and tighten the facial tissue: Intensive Anti-Aging Complex, Thermal Beauty Mask, and Intensive Anti-Aging Serum.…

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My December, Supplement Companies & the Wheat Belly book

So, what have you all been up to this December?
I can’t believe it’s almost over already, I remember December 1st still… the day I was a douche’y friend and didn’t have the pressie ready for Jaime. It’s so easy to forget a birthday that’s on the first of…

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