This limited edition of the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook, available exclusively through the Green Ronin and BioWare online stores, features a slipcase with a red leatherette bound book, silver foil stamped, with silver-gilded edges and a ribbon bookmark. Numbers of the Ultimate Edition are limited, so order yours today!

"Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition" Details

  • 100 USD, total amount due at purchase
  • Estimated ship date is in April 2015
  • Comes with a free PDF digital copy

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DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION – Creating the Visual FX

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DRAGON AG: INQUISITION Official Video – Creating the Visual FX

Confession: I’m so glad DA:I cut down massively on the combat dialogue. It was so repetitive and annoying in the first two games. Heck, my husband would either ask me to wear headphones or he would leave the room when I was playing Origins or DA2, saying, “There’s only so many times I can listen to someone yelling “HURRRRRRRRG, run while you can!”, “Let’s grab some glory!” or “You call this a fight? You hit like my grandmother!” before you go insane.

Can we talk about how there’s a trans man in Inquisition? I know he’s a small character, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this means Bioware is becoming pretty inclusive. He’s not a joke to anyone, he’s a well respected character not just by the Inquisitor, but also by all the members of his team, and Iron Bull stands up for him, calling him a real man. That just amazes me.