I’m nonreligious. I’m considered strange in my school for not believing in God. Kids tell me I’m going to hell. This has caused me to be very uncomfortable around religious people. To my surprise, when I played DAO I ended up loving Leliana. She’s doesn’t act ‘holier than thou’ and doesn’t force anything on my pc. Her views on the Maker are so much better than the Chantry’s. She never made me uncomfortable. I can’t say the same about Sebastian. He’s interesting and pretty and has a great accent but he makes me so uncomfortable. I loved the fact that Fenris(and Aveline)wasn’t religious and when I bought Sebastian’s DLC his conversations with Fenris made me so uncomfortable. Sebastian just dismissed all of his suffering and hard work by saying “the Maker freed you”. I also hated that Bioware decided to suddenly make Fenris religious(there’s so few nonreligious characters). I don’t know if it’s just me, but, while I find his character interesting, I cant help but shudder.

Confession: I’m becoming concerned about how little we’re seeing and hearing about Vivienne. She hasn’t been mentioned or seen in the past few trailers and interviews (not even her LI status!) and I’m starting to worry what that means for her character. It seems like the the development team have their favorites and Vivienne (and if I think on it Blackwall and sometimes Solas) seem far from their priority list. I just hope this doesn’t mean that their characters are going to be underdeveloped in the game.


(Asked about whether “both Vigil’s Keep and Amaranthine were saved” is an option is the Dragon Age Keep)

Fernando Melo

You can. If you build up Vigil to max you can save the city & it won’t fall.

It’s not something foundation shaking, but one of the options in the Dragon Age Keep is to save both the City of Amaranthine and Vigil’s Keep in Dragon Age Awakening. The epilogue for Awakening had a lot of bugs, but the Keep devs are referring to the writers when it comes to confusing or contradicting lore and the conflict of the City or Keep was one of them.

So yes, Amaranthine can be saved with the help of the Wardens and if upgraded Vigil will stand through the attack. How this effects Inquisition, if at all, will be interesting to see.


I can just see the reactions to any PAX demos Now
  • Bioware:Okay ...Okay, we heard you TADA! A male Inquisitor!
  • *Inquisitor shown in cutscene conversation is black*
  • Dudebros:Oh what come oooon I mean seriously bioware, do you even know good business? You keep pandering to every demographic except your main demographic "Straight white male gamers"
  • Bioware:...But...He's male...its a man...that's what you wanted right. a man at the head of the inquisition?
  • Dudebros:You know you only made him black because of that ferguson nonsense ....I you really think video games are the way its gonna make a difference.
  • Dudebros:Whatever..I,m done supporting bioware, the rpg genre is dead to me.
  • Bioware:...MALE!!!!! INQUISITOR!!!