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Do you think Solas should have been able to offer the removal of the vallaslin to a non romanced female or male Lavellen?

Absolutely yes, I feel as if all of Solas’ elven knowledge should have been shared with a non-romanced, but friend Lavellan. The fact is that Solas’ knowledge is so important and as a good friend of Solas, I feel he would have been just as upset by male/non-romanced Lavellan portraying slavery upon themselves as he would a romanced Dalish.

I understand that he it was a spur of the moment confession, that he did it to cover his slip of tongue (sort of) and so why it didn’t technically fit into friendship dialogue. But I also feel that it put too much importance into the romance over his friendship. This is why Solas feels like a “canon” romance, because you miss out on some really heavy and important lore if you don’t.

So I don’t at all like how Bioware made it a romance exclusive thing, since Solas’ feelings and worries would have been valid within a friendship too.


Spamming more costume photos, this time Morrigan!

I originally made this costume for PAX a few years ago and recently updated it and fixed some issues. I’m super pumped to wear her again down the road.

As usual, I’ll be bombarding my FB page with more photos.


As I’ve discussed a few times before, I love Mass Effect. If I could only recite one sentence every ten years, that’s what I would choose to tell you before I was rendered silent. One thing that is memorable about the Mass Effect series are the characters that you interact with. There’s not a single one that I dislike, although I do hold a few closer to my heart than I do others.

If you haven’t guessed already by the title, I have an incredibly soft spot for our dear scientist salarian. The first time I played Mass Effect 2 and The Illusive Man gave me his dossier, I was skeptical. Salarians are space nerds, I thought. This Mordin sounds like a rube. I don’t even want him on my team. Can I skip him? Even when I landed on Omega and met the character, I was still skeptical. Sure, his manner of speech was endearing and it was pretty badass that he was defending a clinic on his own, but I still wasn’t convinced.

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