The Bouncer is one of the five functional types of Big Daddies, along with the Rosie, Rumbler, Alpha Series and the Lancer. Bouncers are more agile than Rosies, but are entirely ineffective in ranged combat. The Bouncer’s main weapon is an over-sized Drill (and, in the case of an Elite Bouncer, spinning the harpoon) attached to its right arm and powered by the internal combustion engine on his back. Generally They attack using powerful blows at close range, with a fast charge being Their only long range offensive ability.

i made a jack mix… listen here

oh marcello - regina spektor // kiss the girls — the devil’s carnival // daddy didn’t love me - andrew jackson jihad // half jack - the dresden dolls // little pistol - mother mother // kingdom of welcome addiction - iamx // paris is burning - st. vincent // run boy run - woodkid // bad habit - the dresden dolls // david - noah gundersen // papaoutai - stromae // teenage lobotomy - ramones // trust me - the devil’s carnival // the father who must be killed - morrissey // who are you, really? - mikky ekko // tonight you belong to me - patience and prudence // la vie en rose

drawing jack is hard for multiple reasons bc like fandom draws him rly  twinky and small but he’s like 6’2” and thick canonically?????? dude swings a wrench and ppl die, idk what tO DO LMAO. he’s also like 24 but his model makes him look so old, g OD PLS I JUST NEED A CONSISTENT MODEL