Award-winning Game: Meta!Blast: The Leaf is a game that immerses the player in the action on and in a leaf. Intended as a supplement to in-class instruction for high school students, it lets users pilot a miniature bioship across a strange landscape, which features nematodes and a lumbering tardigrade.

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Much of the character flavor and differentiation in HSD revolves around which of the many CorporNations your character grew up in, or was educated by. Each of these massive organizations have different philosophies, cultures, technologies and mentalities. When you build your HSD character you can select up to two of these forces to be a part of your background, which helps shape your personality and the skillset you have to call on. To give you a little taste of some of the flavor of the HSD universe we’re going to post the lineart from the development of the fleets for these megacorps, and snag some of the descriptions right from the book.

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TTI Transcendent Technologies Inc.

“We have such wonders to show you.”

Roughly 500 years after the birth of the first Vector, Luna colony fell to a hitherto unknown species from Earth after an expedition to the planet returned carrying an unseen threat in their blood. A second ship arrived on Mars, and the resulting massacre resulted in the deaths of hundreds. A pittance, compared to the 30,000 souls that would be lost on Earth’s moon. The Whispers had arrived.

Modern science lists the organism known colloquially as “the Whisper” as an ‘anomaly’, which most take to mean “its probably some kind of goddamned ALIEN but we don’t want to just come out and say it like that” and shortly after its appearance various divisions of all the affected corporations began research as best they could into their nature and origins. Most came up alarmingly short, there was certainly nothing in the genetic record that remotely resembled them. One division, however, stood up above the rest. It was an old name in science R&D that once hit the news in a big way during the Venus terraforming years when they founded the colony on Europa, but had been somewhat quiet since. They were Transcendent Technologies Incorporated, and they had captured one of the creatures alive. To this day, no one has ever received a straight answer to the question of how.

Two hundred years later, TTI is the authority on the Whisper race and has produced more strange, bizarre and outright frightening technology than any other megacorp in Sol. Advances that came from the study of gene manipulation and the unique properties of Whisperwerk, the name applied to bizarre constructs like the Earth-moon tether that seem to be crafted of what Whispers us for flesh, have allowed TTI to grow living structures thought impossible by earlier science teams. Suits of bone and muscle armor with perfect motion, skin with the bullet absorbing properties of kevlar, even living spacecraft that can perceive threats without being told to, and heal their own injuries.

The mission statement that guided TTI in the early years was that in order to fight this strange, new and entirely unknown threat, they needed to have an understanding of technology and biology that transcended the current rules. They marched to the motto of ignorance, stating adamantly that the Vector race, for all its advancements, knew nothing of technology. They had simply been polishing the rough-cut that humanity left them centuries earlier, and that there was a whole new reality out there you could only see if you accepted that everything you already knew was nothing of significance. Few were willing to truly embrace that route, and they were perhaps the most shocked when TTI released the first demonstration of the devices that share their namesake: Transcendent technology.

Though still very much in its infancy, Transcendent technology has already redefined the rules of reality. Much of its function remains a well guarded secret, but the premiss is that certain things in the universe gain resonance and power due to their very construction. The arrangement of their molecules interact with the waves of radio in the air, and other unseen forces. Crystals, for instance. By arranging these reactive constructions in patterns that also react to each other, complex harmonies can be made. Like a series of reeds all being blown over by a single wind, a sophisticated symphony emerges that is more then the sum of its parts. The beauty of it is that these structures work on the scale of the universe: from atomic to galactic. Their size is irrelevant, they simply…work. No powersource, no special attachment, no port, no plug, no emitter or receiver. They are, and so, they function.

When Earth began its dramatic transformation less than a century ago, TTI campaigned insistently for a new large scale expedition to it, arguing that such a development was far too significant to leave alone. After being repeatedly stopped by the collective efforts of MarsCo and several others, they’ve grown quiet in recent years and retreated to their research labs on Europa. TTI hasn’t been in the news for a longer period than most corps of their size, and in light of their field of research, that has a lot of people more than a little worried.

Enemies: Progenitus


-These guys created the Whisper threat. The ‘alien’ thing is a misdirection front, they set the whole thing up, planted them on earth, and now they’re watching to see how we all deal with their little pets.

-Transcendent technology is the future, hands down. TTI deals with creepy stuff and they have a creepy reputation because of it, but just you wait. We keep going like we’re going and another thousand years from now we still wont have lightspeed and we’ll still be giving each other black eyes for silly arguments. Follow them, and they’ll make us GODS.

-TTI can get past the Earth quarantine any time it wants to. And it has. And it does. That’s why they’re being quiet; they don’t need permission. They’re in their own little world doing God knows what, and they certainly know more than they let on.

-Living ships contain genetic keys for everything from hyperspace to viral planet-killers to psychic communication. They don’t need to be upgraded, they just need the right hormone injection. But TTI isn’t keeping it a secret because they want to, they’re keeping it a secret because they HAVE to. Every ship taken past a certain level has gone insane. Or maybe not. Maybe they just became whatever they hell they were based off of to begin with.

Key products and services: Living ships, Hardskin, Transcendent technology, anti-whisper technology, Living armor and biodrones.

Corporate culture: TTI has the most localized and restrained population in Sol, operating almost exclusively off of Europa. It has buildings and facilities on Mars and Venus, but they are few and far between. Europa itself, however, has been almost completely TTI owned and operated since they founded its colony in their pre-megacorp days. TTI employees tend to vary in attitude depending on if they’re Europa-born or not. Natives to the ice world are notoriously superstitious, often of celestial bodies. Europa natives wont go outside on nights when Jupiter is in full view in the sky, and some are almost pathologically afraid of looking directly at it. There is a common deep-set terror of the larger forces in the universe most contend do not exist, and Europa natives will bind together in that shared understanding. Off-world TTI employees are typically a bit less fearful and a bit more sympathetic, as though genuinely sorry you cant see what they see. They are rarely described as arrogant, however. Their attitude is less “you would be better off if you knew this” and more “I would be better off if I didn’t”.

Naming Conventions: TTI has possession of nearly the entire habitable area of Europa, but was a MarsCo offshoot to begin with. While human standards can be heard in most of their names, they tend to stem from different parts of globe and include variations on Inuit, Russian, and Icelandic. TTI employees are usually referred to by their titles in addition to their names. If their job is a unique one, they individualize their titles to reflect it. The title comes after the name, in the format “Anna, Bone Architect”.


Above are pics of the various vehicles from the tv series Young Justice.  From the top are the Bioship, and the Super-cycle that condenses into Sphere/New Genisphere.  Both have some AI capabilities.  The design of the Bioship focuses on organic, curved designs with distinct red and black decoration.  The Sphere/Cycle goes through a transformation, but focuses on angular patterns in yellow and blue with a basis in red, black, and grey.  Needless to say, I want them in my garage.

Photos Courtesy of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation

Jump Cat

I’ve never seen a rain forest creature up front. Zoos? Never seen them. I’d love to pet see a kinkajou up close, but I’ve never had the opportunity. All I have is a tiny dog. In a city of raccoons and rats, mice and pigeons - the urban chickens - robins, morning doves, finches and black birds. One day we’ll find a rabbit out here in these weird cemented ferns and sands. Among all the strange night creatures out there on the simplest sidewalk, there’s bound to be rabbit.

Ed Wood Jr. You crazy, crazy good man. Keeping cinema nice and silly. Unbelievable. 

I’d love to explore a Bio-Ship. To connect with it physically and control it through the tips of my very senses. The mere concept of using one’s own aura to connect with objects and make matter move by thought is crazy enough in itself. Making that connection in order to move a vessel made of flesh would be to ride the impossible. A Bio-Ship doesn’t even have to be that complex: just having a ship that can repair itself if it gets damaged would be one great benefit to such a vehicle. Imagine a Bio-Car! Accidents would be a breeze and you’d probably need bio diesel anyway.

Take me away, Claudio Simonetti.

Oh man, so I saw this stupid Insecurity gifset of Wally getting mad at Artemis at the end. Like bless both of their hearts, but especially Artemis’s. Like, the way she opens her mouth to just TELL him. She wants to tell him SO BAD BECAUSE NO WALLY WHAT YOU SAID ON THE BIOSHIP MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME I’M NOT INSECURE AND SELFISH I’M SCARED. Because Artemis is so so afraid of Wally rejecting her. It terrifies her. So it’s like when she closes her mouth and just clenches her jaw and stays silent she’s thinkg “Better to have him angry and still close to me than have him reject me altogether.” AND IT BREAKS MY FUCKING HEART.

"Yeah right, can you imagine what Wally would do with that?”


She wants Wally to like her but she knows how he seems and she thinks he’ll just leave her in the dust because she has a villain family.

And it’s just so unthinkable for her because she really, really likes this fucking guy but she feels like he’s so black and white, he doesn’t see the gray. Or at least it feels that way to her because of how he acted towards her in the first episode. Artemis acts tough and unaffected but the truth is what Wally said to her throughout that episode REALLY ATE HER UP.

The thing is, Wally’s an insecure jerk. He can see the gray, he just would have pettily turned her away if she told him in that first episode or so because he didn’t know her. She was strange and new and challenging him and butting into the Team dynamic so of course his first thought, his first reaction at the revelation of her criminal background would have been to latch onto the possibility of her being a baddie in disguise. 

If Wally had ever taunted Artemis about possibly being someone dangerous, I think it would have been more out of ego-bruised spite than actually legitimately believing she was truly evil. 

I do believe though, that if Artemis and Wally hadn’t had the horrible first meeting that cause so much animosity between them, and Artemis had told the Team immediately about her family background, I think Wally would have been SO okay with it, with her.

And that was kind of showcased in Bereft, because even when Artemis told Wally that her dad probably wanted her to kill him for some test, Wally still trusted her and helped her and was genuinely attracted to her from moment one. (which, btw, Greg confirmed they were definitely attracted to each other from moment one even WITH the bad meeting).

Anyway, I mean even at the end of Bereft, Wally and Artemis both remember everything that happened between them during their memory loss. Wally remembers everything Artemis said. 

"Hey, you never told me why your dad would want me to kill you."

It’s like, he doesn’t even give a fuck. There’s no way he bought her bullshit story about that ninja movie. No freaking way he bought that obvious lie. Cause I mean he remembered everything she said to him. 

Think about that.

"Dad! He must’ve done this. Another one of his stupid tests." "Test? What kind of test?" "He probably wants me to kill you."

Can you not see him dwelling on that a little afterwards? Wondering about it because Artemis had never mentioned her dad most likely, or even really her mom. Wally still has no clue where Artemis came from, who her family is, what she may or may not have been before she found her way onto the Team. She’s a mystery in that regard.

The thing is, though, that Wally West had the capacity and the means to suspect Artemis of something, but he never did. Not even with the bad first meeting. All throughout Infiltrator he was only sore at her because he tripped up in front of her. He was only sore at her because “Wow, this chick is upsetting the Team mojo, who is she?”

Wally taunted her for letting the baddie get away, but he never said it in a way that indicated he though it was on purpose. No, the way he said it was petty like, “Oh, hoho, got away from you? You’re so bad, big surprise there, newbie!”

And all through Infiltrator though, Wally is just harping on her because he wants her gone basically. He thinks she’s the upstart wannabe that was taking Red Arrow’s rightful place and pretending she knows what she’s doing with that bow. So Wally’s just all over her case the whole time like the huge jerk he was at the time.

"This is all your fault, you were on perimeter, how’d that Shadow get in!"

Note how he doesn’t say it like “You probably let that Shadow in!” or something else to indicate he thinks she’s some kind of villain or spy.

It’s. All. Petty. Jerkness.

Wally’s just being this ego-bruised teenage jerk because he tripped and fell and embarrassed the fuck out of himself in front of a really hot girl and so he decides he’ll just blame her for Red Arrow so he can have a valid excuse to “dislike” her.

So he’s glaring and being rude and mean and just really really horrible like get your crap together Wally, I love you but you are seriously pretty rude in Infiltrator.

So just looking throughout the whole series, as far as I can remember there was no genuine evidence that Wally ever considered Artemis as a villain for some kind of criminal or whatnot. In fact, like I pointed out in Bereft it was more shown that he wouldn’t have cared anyway especially without the first meeting. It’s like he just knows she’s not a bad person, something about her just feels right to him. She’s honest and he doesn’t really feel threatened by her kill you comment in that shack.

I could see him pondering about the dad wanting her to kill him thing, but I think he was more curious about why her dad would want her to do such a thing than “omg what if Artemis is and assassin sent to infiltrate and kill us.”

I think the fact that she’s there fighting with them all and risking her life all the same there’s just no way he could suspect her of it. Wally is a trusting, loyal person. He would probably never suspect it even if it had actually been true.

And thinking more about it, it’s like, if Artemis was going to kill Wally wouldn’t she have just done it in that shack and not told him about it? That’s probably one of the reasons why Wally trusted her and picked her up and protected her and didn’t feel remotely scared by her supposed intentions. Because he probably deduced fairly quickly that, “Hey, if this chick was actually going to kill me, wouldn’t she have just done it already instead of telling me about it? She’s got the weapon in her hands, why give me a heads up, she can’t catch me once I run.”

In Alpha Male, when Conner hears Kaldur mention the whole mole thing to Batman. Sportsmaster meant for that to tear the Team apart by causing them to become untrusting of each other, ya know? He meant for it to turn them all against each other so they’d basically be incapacitated. But do you know why happens instead? They all get mad at Kaldur for even having the notion that one of them could possibly be a mole. They get mad at him for not trusting them enough to tell them of his suspicions, but they also get mad at him for thinking any of them could be the mole. And like, they could have all started pointing fingers at each other right then and there, but they didn’t.

(sorry that was rambly and repetitive but I yelled this all at my Veggy at 2 a.m, it’s a little incoherent but at least I toned the capslock down. XD)