Kopaka Aakaku! Decided to make him a yellowblood as lower-blooded trolls are the likely to get psychic powers. He has the psychic ability of remote viewing (as a kind of substitute for kopaka’s x-ray vision). His right eye was gouged out in a flarping incident (or something like that) and his 

I nearly made him bald but I thought that might look a little odd, but considering his masks have very little detail on the top compared to the other toas’ i thought i’d represent that with shorter hair.

His face shape is based on the nuva mask mainly, the high cheekbones especially.

And of course the lens is based on his original kanohi

His symbol comes from kopaka mata’s sword and shield combined into an icon, and his horns are based on kopaka nuva’s sword ski things.

>Be the brown guy

Fine. You be the brown guy. Why are you going through all the colors? You’re running out! What next, purple? What’d be his deal, energy? He’s not even canon! Fine, we’ll just call that guy Voriki and make him our little in-joke, alright? There. Now stop talking about him.

Oh, you’re right. I brought him up. Great beings, just dammit.

Well, then, now that we’re done talking about how there will never be a purple Toa in canon EVER and don’t you DARE bring up the ones without names, let’s name the brown guy before I get any angrier.

What’s his name?

>Enter Name

The Blizzard was an enigmatic figure. Having lost an eye during a fight, he re-purposed his life to finding the secrets of the future. The Seer of Ice was his nickname, but he went by Nuju, and worked among others with similar goals in the prediction technology sector of the Metru Nui research facility. One day, Her imperious Condescention visited the facility, and found Nuju’s work to be far above standard. He was brought into a group of six of the most important figures in the facility. The Forgeman, a lowblood with a talent for making masks which granted its users incredible powers. The Lecturer, another cerulean blood who could understand any language, and excelled at training new recruits with highly unorthodox yet effective teaching methods. The Archiver, a troll who hid his blood color under a black disguise, and was the master of history. The Engraver, a bronze-blooded master architect, responsible for the construction of the facility. Finally, the Illusion, a mysterious oliveblood who, in addition to testing the newest creations, is said to be able to trick anyone with his technologies that some considered magic. But, a friend of the Forgeman, known as the Freedman, or Lhikan, was murdered by the Director, Dume. Or so they thought. In fact, Lhikan was very much alive. However, under the Forgeman’s guidance, they created a new sign - the sign of the Freedman. Disguising it as an identifier for members of this exclusive group, it was secretly a symbol for revolution. In addition, Nuju saw into the future, and saw more trolls fighting against a threat which seemed far too similar to their own…and fighting against a game.

BIONICLEstuck, anybody? I made Nuju as an Ancestor. Why not? He’s a Ceruleanblood (low-level, being close to Merfia’s color) and I made a few design choices that I liked. His cloak represents the symbol on the Ko-Metru disk, and the Freedman’s sign is the Ta-Metru disk. His cloak is also torn on the bottom for effect. His upper chest is based off of the chestpiece on the set, and the two spiky upside-down u shaped thingies are based off of his weapons. I do not like how messily it turned out, but I enjoy the design. I plan to make more, and possibly introduce more ancestors past this…he becomes Matoro Ignika in the post-scratch session. He dies the most tragic death!

Gonna be loving doing these little crappy mspaint things.

Gahlii Kaukau aka the first part of the Worst AU Ever that is taking over my life

I still can’t decide between jadeblood and fusciablood so here’s both for the moment ;;

These fantrolls are all going to be based on a combination of the Toa’s original toa mata form and their toa nuva forms. Gahlii’s hair is meant to be a combination of the top part of her original kanohi

and the side parts of her nuva kanohi

also the wide nose + high cheekbones are intentional design choices

aand her symbol and horns are based off her claws. 

>Try Again


Yes. That is your name. You are Kopaka. You’re a LONER who is very interested in ICE. You are SERIOUS and cannot TAKE A JOKE. You tend to MONOLOGUE to yourself. You occasionally do ICE PUNS in THE HEAT OF BATTLE. Despite this, you don’t usually  make ICE PUNS in NORMAL SPEECH.

It’s time to show evil that JUSTICE is a dish best served COLD.

As I search the INTERNET for GOOD DEALS on CLASSIC LEGO SETS OF TECHNIC ORIGIN, we should suggest to this icy hero what to do!

What do you do?

>Make a snowman shaped like your loved ones

>Climb the mountain

You climb the mountain. As expected, you monologue to yourself and make several ice puns while doing so. Blah blah blah, it’s cold out here.

I came here to kick ass and freeze stuff and…I’m all out of ass? What? This is incredibly silly.

You keep walking and find a small figure and decide to talk to it. But it runs away! You need to speak to it so you can find out what you’re doing on this island. So, quickly! Do something!

What do you do?

>Make an ice slide

>Try Again


There! Now, with his actual name, Rockbrains McStoney, we sha - what? The first guess was right?…You did that just to mess me up, didn’t you? You bastard! I’ll bite your legs off, I will!

No, I’m not going to BLEED on you! ‘Tis only a flesh wound! It’s nothing at all! Fine. Let’s do this right.


There, now, with his actual name, Pohatu, we shall begin being him!

>Examine Desert

Before I get any messages, I am aware of Nuistuck. However, if you notice, our styles are separate.

While I am more of the BIONICLE story with BIONICLE rules and BIONICLE technologies but with Homestuck style, Nuistuck appears to be the BIONICLE story with Homestuck rules and Homestuck technologies with Homestuck style.

Or to put it bluntly, his leans more towards Homestuck while I lean towards BIONICLE.

So yeah, it can go on, and I have no problems with it, and in fact I can’t wait to see what Nuistuck does next. If possible, we may even collaborate.

This is has been Mistiry Shak, the writer of BIONICLEstuck.

>Try Again


Yes, that’s better. Gali. Feelings of calm flow through you at that name. It’s just a relaxing name.

Like it may or may not have been stated, you are floating here, on the water, doing nothing, but float. You know what? That’s BORING! Let’s go swim!

You swim. It is not boring.

Oh, look, some fish just swam by. And some more. And…this is starting to feel bad. Let’s swim by and…oh. That thing looks bad. And it’s COMING RIGHT AT YOU!

What do you do?

>Kill it and gut it