Hey folks! I am the seed-happy admin here: I’m a Canadian transplant living in Denmark. I understand English, Danish, German, and French, so don’t feel shy if you want to submit but don’t feel confident in English: I can always do my best to translate. My husband also reads Swedish, Norwegian, and basic Arabic and Russian. We also have helpers who can work in Mandarin and Japanese. I’d love to track down admins who can work in other languages, so if that is your wheelhouse, send me a message.

I started this project because I am a plant-hoarder, but there isn’t a rehab for that.

Just kidding (but not really).

I actually started this project because there are a tonne of disparate seed-saving organisations and exchanges around the world, and I am working towards building a place where they can all network (I just raised enough to buy the domain for two years this morning, thanks folks!).

I don’t see this as competitive with all of the other seed swaps out there: I see this as a collaborative effort to de-centralise access to the most basic component of the food supply: seeds.

I think bartering, swap, and alternative currencies (like Ɖogecoin, which I accept) are avenues of resistance to the Monsanto-monoculture-milleu of agricultural production: biodiverseed is a space where we can collaborate, and create a community-grounded polyculture praxis for growing our own genetically-diverse food crops.

YOU can help this project grow in a number of ways:

  • LIST your seeds to swap with other gardeners
  • ASK gardeners who have already listed seeds to swap with you
  • BUY seeds from my garden to support the project
  • DONATE via paypal, or with the Ɖogecoin widget in the sidebar
  • SUBSCRIBE to the blog and the newsletter
  • SHARE information about the project on your own blog

Instructions for using the site are posted regularly as new features evolve: you can access them on the sidebar section entitled “tutorials and updates,” or under the tag #biodiverseedposts.

Also, if you can’t afford to swap, don’t be discouraged from posting in the #seekingseeds section. Either I will personally send you what you need, or I am absolutely certain you will find many gardeners on here willing to help you start your garden. As far as I am concerned, the ability to grow your own food is a right, not a privilege.

So, thanks for tuning in, and I look forward to seeing this community grow and flourish!

The BiodiverSeed Project

  • Find out more about the goals of the project, and what the future holds for BiodiverSeed.

Tutorials and Updates

  • Keep track of updates, new projects, and modifications to the site as the project grows.

Seeds for Swap

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Seeds for Sale

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Seeking Seeds

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Seed Savers on tumblr

  • Connect with other gardeners on tumblr who are working on seed-saving, permaculture, and sustainability projects.

Seed Saving

  • Learn about seed saving, see pictures from other gardeners, find gardening blogs, and be the first to hear about seed swap events around the world.

Garden Hacks

  • Simple DIY projects and tips for your garden.

Submit a Seed Swap Listing

  • Submit a listing of seeds you have available to swap, which will show up in the Seeds for Swap section.
  • Promote your blog by offering seeds for swap!

Ask / Submit a Seeking Seeds Listing

  • Any burning questions? I’ll do my best to answer them.
  • Or, are you desperately searching for that one heirloom tomato? Submit a listing here, which will show up in the Seeking Seeds section.


YOU can help this project grow in a number of ways:

  • LIST your seeds to swap with other gardeners
  • ASK gardeners who have already listed seeds to swap with you
  • BUY seeds from my garden to support the project
  • DONATE via paypal, or with the Ɖogecoin widget in the sidebar
  • SUBSCRIBE to the blog and the newsletter
  • SHARE information about the project on your own blog

Planting season is almost upon us!

(At least for those of us living in the Temperate Northern Hemisphere)

If you are looking for heirloom, organic, or self-harvested seeds, look no further than the stellar and ever-expanding archives here at BiodiverSeed

Here are some tags and pages you may want to bookmark:

#seed-sellersan archive of posts on small, safe seed providers from around the world

#seed-kits: want to get all the seeds you need in one go? Check out the archive of non-hybrid, non-GMO seed kits

/saleseeds from my garden to yours

/swapseeds to exchange for free with other gardeners around the world

/heirloom-seeds: heirloom seeds available for purchase online

/planter: hvis du er i også i danmark, du kan godt bestille planter fra mig (if you are also in Denmark, you can order plants from me)

/map: an always-expanding “Collaborative Map of Community Projects,” with global listings of Seed Swap Networks, Seed Swap Events, Seed Lending Libraries, Seed Banks, Heirloom Seed Sellers, Farmer’s Markets, Community Kitchens, Local Food Cooperatives, Community Gardens, and Sustainability Organisations

#BiodiverSeed fundraising drivefor every $20 you donate to the BiodiverSeed Project, I will send you a unique organic polyculture vegetable garden starter kit, including:

  • 2 kinds of tomato
  • 2 kinds of eggplant
  • Either okra or golden berries
  • 2 culinary herbs
  • 2 kinds of leafy greens
  • 2 kinds of beans
  • 3 kinds of squash
  • 1 kind of melon
  • 3 kinds of peppers
  • 3 kinds of flowers


Happy planting!

BiodiverSeed doesn’t promote non-GMO, heirloom seeds because of some an anti-science luddite agenda, irrationally afraid of genetic engineering.

BiodiverSeed promotes non-GMO, heirloom seeds because they belong to “the commons”: they are a genetic heritage that has been painstakingly created through generations of artificial selection, that is now available to everyone in all of it’s glorious diversity. BiodiverSeed promotes heirloom seeds because if they blow on to your property, you aren’t going to be sued for patent infringement. BiodiverSeed promotes heirloom seeds because you can harvest them in perpetuity, take cuttings, and share them with your friends, and re-sell them without having a lawyer show up at your door. They’re the open-source darling of the agricultural world

BiodiverSeed promotes heirloom seeds and seed activism because things like seed-swapping are becoming more and more difficult (and more and more illegal) in places like the EU.[1]

There are 7500 different kinds of apples, all with different vitamin and nutritional profiles. How many of us have tasted more than 10?[2]

In the world of industrial agriculture (that is, most of our food supply), we face a number of issues: deforestation, loss of pollinators, monoculture practices, soil erosion, phosphorous depletion, rampant pesticide use, genetic erosion, and genetic bottlenecks in seed stock. Preserving heirloom seed and growing biodynamic polycultures takes less space, encourages pollinators, invigorates the soil, preserves seed diversity, and over time, creates new varieties of seed uniquely suited to a biome.

So once again, BiodiverSeed doesn’t exist because of some bogus study on GMO corn causing tumours in rats: BiodiverSeed exists to promote sustainable seed practices, encourage bioregionalism, and to keep the right to seeds in the public domain.

Have you ever wanted an interactive map with every seed swap, community garden, farmer’s market, and heirloom seed dealer in the world listed?

Help biodiverseed generate that map, by tagging the resources in your local area. Edit the map at this link.

The layers right now include:

  • Seed Swaps and Heirloom Seed Sellers
  • Farmer’s Markets, Food Coops, and Community Kitchens
  • Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture Projects

Check out www.biodiverseed.com/map, or hit “Collaborative Map of Community Projects" in the sidebar to see the map.

I am always accepting suggestions for new layers and improvements!

Please consider donating to the project in the paypal link in the sidebar, which will allow me to pay for Maps Engine Pro. Share widely, and consider entering the data from your local community!


Can't afford seeds?

This is a reminder that if you want to start a garden, but you can’t afford seeds, biodiverseed is a place where you can get them for free.

I can personally send you what you need, or, I can put out a call to the 500+ other gardeners following this project, and we can put together a garden for you.

Don’t be shy! You can submit a public request through the askbox and I can publish it, so people can get in touch with you themselves; or, if you would like to remain anonymous, you can submit a private request to me (with your mailing address) to biodiverseed@gmail.com with what you need.

I am supporting the costs of keeping this project running with the #BiodiverSeed fundraising driveOne of the unfortunate things about living in Denmark is that every letter or package of seeds I send costs $3.50 + depending on how much it weighs. But, thanks to donations, I have been able to spend very little out of pocket in completing the Mapping project, and providing swaps and starter gardens. I am unemployed and this is a labour of love, so every bit of support really counts for me.

For every $20 you donate to the BiodiverSeed Project, I will send you a unique organic polyculture vegetable garden starter kit.

I have expanded* all of the kits (including those already ordered) to include:

  • 2 kinds of tomato
  • 1 kind of eggplant
  • 1 kind of cucumber*
  • Either okra or golden berries
  • 2 culinary herbs
  • 2 kinds of leafy greens
  • 2 kinds of beans
  • 4 kinds of squash*
  • 1 kind of melon
  • 8 kinds of peppers*
  • 3 kinds of flowers (medicinal or companion plants)

tferebnu, gardenandtable, gwaraldine, hqcreations, rainbowjynxxoutproud, and mamisgarden should all keep an eye on the post for the next few days! And to those of you getting tomatoes, you have uglytomatoes seed company to thank, not me.

Also, a big “thank you” to Tim, whose donation yesterday allowed me to pick up seeds and stamps to fulfill two more seed requests for folks who can’t afford them. Your polyculture garden kit is in the mail, good sir: from my garden, to yours! 

I am glad to see people taking advantage of both of those possibilities. Now if only more of you would take advantage of the #seedswap! It’s free!

#seedswap success

Collaborative Mapping 2.0

I just mapped 14 community gardens in the Vancouver-area on the collaborative map of community projects.

You can support bioregionalism, and help map the resources in YOUR community by following this link.

Once you are at the editing link, search for your town. You can then search for terms like “community garden,” “sustainability,” “urban farm,” and “farmer’s market” and add the green pins to the map; or, you can pin new listings of local organisations that may not be in the google database. Make sure you are on the correct “layer” to add a listing to the right category.

The layers right now include:

Layer 1: Seeds 

  • image

    Seed Swap Networks
  • image

    Seed Swap Events 
  • image

    Seed Lending Libraries
  • image

    Seed Banks  
  • image

    Heirloom Seed Sellers

Layer 2: Food

  • image

    Farmer’s Markets 
  • image

    Community Kitchens 
  • image

    Local Food Cooperatives

Layer 3: Growing

  • image

    Community Gardens
  • image

    Sustainability Organisations

Please donate your time, or even a little something extra, in order to make this project a reality! Share widely!




Customise BiodiverSeed

If you want to resist temptation to buy things for your garden, you can set your tumblr saviour to filter out the hashtag #biodiverseedbuys — all things capitalism are tagged as such.

The same goes for all of the other tags I use regularly:

#seedswap - seed swap listings

#seekingseeds - seeking seeds listings

#seedsavers - seed savers on tumblr

#seed saving - information on seed saving

#garden hacks - tips and tricks for the garden

#garden science - applied garden science

#books - a virtual library on seed saving, gardening, and permaculture

#quotes - quotes about seed saving

#diy - diy tutorials

#local events - local events from around the world, tagged by town, area, and country



Happy 100!

Two days of working on the biodiverseed project in earnest, and 102 new followers to show for it!

Now, when you submit a seed listing, you will reach 102 other gardeners on tumblr from around the world, and that number is growing every day!

I’ve reblogged and tagged a number of seed swap offers from all the little corners of tumblr, so check out the new swap listings. There are lots of heirloom tomatoes, and other interesting things in there now.

Happy swapping!

spacecraps said:

Are there legal limitations on seeds being swapped between countries?

Yes — so it is the responsibility of parties on both sides of the exchange to accomplish three things:

  1. Make sure their seeds are clean and free of diseases: either by washing them in hot water, or treating them with clove/garlic/chilli oil, or storing them with a little bit of cinnamon.
  2. Make sure the plant being exchanged is not invasive.
  3. Look up their local laws about sending biological materials through the mail. In Australia, for example, these laws are quite strict: Aussies will be better off exchanging with each other. 


BiodiverSeed, beyond tumblr

Tumblr is just one site where BiodiverSeed is active!

Check out:

Please share the network widely! Every day BiodiverSeed is adding new permaculture tips and tricks, new safe seed sellers, new seed swaps and local seed events, and new partner organisations.

If just a few days of being active, we’ve raised enough funds to purchase and keep the domain for 4 years!

A special shout-out out hqcreations, who sent in the largest donation to date this morning. Make sure you check out and follow her awesome blog for all things related to self-reliance and sustainability.

Thank you all for the support! I am excited to see how the project will grow as the community of users grows. Remember to use the seed swap! I’d love to see some more submissions coming in!

Also, feel free to browse the selections of seeds for sale from my garden: the proceeds from these sales go back in to the project. And, remember to sign up for the newsletter!

I am without a computer for the next little while as my charge cord is on the fritz, and replacing it is surprisingly expensive.

I’ll do my best to keep updating when I can access the web from other devices.


The biodiverseed project is not only meant to be a global resource, it is also a support system for the myriad local projects that already exist, and have been functioning for years. Biodiverseed supports bioregionalism!

I have gone through the archive, and I’m tagging Towns, Regions/Provinces/States, and Countries.

The tags will fill out as I find and promote more #local events. If you would like to get the word out about an event, feel free to send me a message or a submission!


Tutorials and Updates: