My beautiful sistren Miki reppin her Ferox Hood on her way to dance for Black Pigs. Those eyes! {{}}
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anonymous asked:

Thank you, I appreciate that:) You said that I should appreciate your culture not appropriate, what do you mean by that? (Sorry if I sound dumb)

you dont sound dumb! now knowing and being dumb are two different things, learn to not mix these up also! 

okay so cultural appropriation is ‘adopting’ (the nice way to say it) its stealing    –lets be frank– elements from one culture and introducing to another. This can come in many forms. One of the most popular ones is for fashion. That wired sensation of constant internalised need to be trendy and ‘ up to date with fashion’ plays a role in it two. I cave an earlier example before but ill collate another. So ive been seeing these so called ‘afghan’ inspired  necklaces.. like this bitch here: 

or binidi’s or culturally inspired facial drawing like these:

These examples plays evidence to the fact that these motherfuckers here think its A Okay to delve into other ethnics cultures and steal elements they find ‘pretty’ and claim it as a fashion trend to which leads them to making financial and social profit. Financial meaning they make money from it and social referring to the fact people will gain the idea they are fashionable and ‘trendy’; when really they aint shit. 

Now cultural appreciation is the admiration one practises from the outside. Example appreciate the amazingness of a house from the outside, dont go barging in without being invited take the most precious elements to claim it as yours. You can state how beautiful the house is through admiration and respect without actually needing to go inside and inspect as to how and why that house is so beautiful and yours isnt? you know??