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how did i find your blog: i'm irl friends with gramelia and she told me she accidentally found the girl who runs the disneycakes blog and that your personal was really cool too, so i followed and never looked back. also she was referencing you one time as weeding wall [instead of wee dingwall] and i corrected her for you :]

you are an angel

bilyeu asked for #36 and #84 …I answered the wrong one and then accidentally erased the entire question so here is my do-over…sorry for being a dweeb. :P

36. What tattoos/piercings do you have?

I have an angel on my back and a heart grenade on my ankle.

84. Super power of choice?

I’d like to be able to heal people…both of mental and physical illness or injury. 

bilyeu said: your icon needs to be avril lavigne

Gotta do it… gotta be avril….. she is true punk rock…. the hard part is saying goodbye to george michael…… but some things must be done for the greater good

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you’re a beautiful, beautiful soul.

67. Aurora’s blue or pink gown?
68. Belle’s yellow gown or provincial dress?
69. Ariel with fins or legs?
70. Anna’s adventure clothes or coronation gown?
71. Mulan’s pink dress or soldier gear?
72. Tiana’s Bayou gown or Almost There dress?
73. Jaq or Gus?
74. Lady or Tramp?
75. Rapunzel and Flynn or Anna and Kristoff?
76. Ariel and Eric or Aladdin and Jasmine?
77. Aurora and Philip or Cinderella and Charming?

This single is from Feudal Kind EP which was released on 12/11/12.

Julie Thoreen - Keyboard, Snare, Cymbals, Toms, and Voice
Andrew Thoreen - Guitar, Bass, Bass Drum, High Hat, and Voice
All songs written and performed by Julie and Andrew Thoreen

Artwork by Tyler Ray Bilyeu
Recorded in Minneapolis at Deep Sea Studios and Ponsford Minnesota at Round Lake Studios
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Zamzow at Deep Sea Productions
Mastered by Scott Miller at Differentia Media