Remember that CVLT Nation cover album of Master of Reality that came out earlier in the year, featuring all kinds of heavy bands from PRIMITIVE MAN toUsnea to BONGRIPPER? Well, today they’ve gone and done it again, this time covering YET ANOTHER Black Sabbath album: ‘Paranoid: The CVLT Nation Sessions,’ and enlisting the help of Bog OakMonolordMourning CloakKeeperAct of Impalement and other lesser known bands from the heavy underground that we’re all going to get to know real well from here on out! 

CVLT Nation, you’ve outdone yourself once again. Mastered by Black Matter Mastering Now, listening time!!


More new music for your Thursday. This from OLD MAN GLOOM, who are streaming “The Lash” from the new album ‘The Ape Of God’ (coming 11/11 on Profound Lore Records, with vinyl via SIGE).


[I met a baby billy goat today, and a falcon and a biiiiiig hairy Newfoundland …met a mean chihuahua too but she tried to bite my nose off!😯 #BeckburyShow

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A few weeks back, we brought you every Red Fang video to start your week. Now, thanks to the vigilant professional camera crew at Austria’s ‘Lake of Fire Festival’ we’ve got another pro-shot Red Fang vid (“Dirt Wizard”!) to add to the resume. 


I am happy to report that I will be writing for from now on. My first regular feature will be called “Lost & Found” and feature lesser seen videos that may not have hit everyone’s radar. I have a lot of stuff planned that will get into industry, theory, more technical stuff and some kind of puffy stuff.

It’s thrilling to be in cahoots with probably the best site for music videos on the internet.

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One of the best splits of the year from four great Mexican heavy bands: El Ahorcado, Terror Cósmico, Vinnum Sabbathi, Weedsnake, each with one track in this Split (2014 - Los Grises). Lots of doom-sludge and stoner-psych goodness to enjoy here.  BTW, look for our new compilation Doomed & Stoned in Mexico, giving you a taste of what you’ve been missing in the heavy underground just south of the border (coming in October!).


                                        Cover art by Guro