All is Revealed | BillyxAlice

The anger and hurt were lucid on the male’s face as he gripped tightly to the device that he should’ve avoided peeking into. Billy’s desire to sooth his curiosities had completely shattered the illusion of Alice, the illusion he favored, maybe even loved in some minor form. Everything fit now, all of the secrets and what he thought to be misshapen puzzle pieces. It didn’t matter that Alice was who he most feared, when she had also been the person he most cared about.

“Stop bein’ so fuckin’ pathetic, like you’re hurt; I can’t believe you. You did this! You llied t’me! Looked me straight in the face in lied t’me!” Billy’s voice shook with rage and uncertainty, throwing the evidence at her with a rough swing of his arm. Luckily, the phone landed on her bed undamaged. The possibility of being punished by the Shadow was the least of his concerns. The Shadow couldn’t make him feel any worse than he felt right now. “Y’owe it to me t’look me in the eye when y’tell me the truth.”