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but himself resisted

WASHINGTON bought from Linyi simulation pistol,, in Zhenjiang bought two daggers, knives, a criminal gang, imitation guns, three times the night before Zhenjiang three banks ATM machines, surgery or a gun robbed the teller. After a year of careful investigation and hunt, at 17:00 on the 23rd, the last suspect arrested in Shandong Wang.

May 8, 2009,, a victim in a hurry to go inside Jingkou Branch Road police station now, when called in the East a positive bank automated teller machine withdrawals,spaccio woolrich, suddenly up two young men wearing a cap,,moncler outlet, the two holding a pistol and verbal threat to withdraw its surrender, but himself resisted,,hogan outlet, two young men could not succeed fled. The next night, another victim when a bank automated teller machine withdrawals robbed, when two young men wearing a cap with a knife against the victim’s buttocks, stole 5,outlet moncler,000 yuan. June 16, another victim in the same situation was snatched 2000 yuan and 1900 yuan worth more than a mobile phone. Three from a knife, a gun,woolrich milano,, “the line” (keep in the bank door) robbery, in a calm Zhenjiang sparked waves, a time Getting merits Zhenjiang people,, not alone at night withdrawals.

After a lot of investigation visits, investigation and evidence collection, Zhenjiang police quickly locked the target. June 17, 2009 afternoon,woolrich donna, the police through the clues in the nearby town of , the success of which is to grab the phone with charger Dongmou suspects arrested. Police launched an immediate trial,piumino moncler, followed through the line in temporary accommodation will Dongmou Another suspect arrested Song. In Dongmou temporary residence, investigators seized a simulation pistol, dagger two. The police,air max femme pas cher, the three suspects per capita as “80,peuterey prezzi,” the age of 21 gang members in the northeast membership Dongmou account of his work through a friend met in Linyi Song,hogan outlet, both similar to the Zhenjiang work. But the two lazy, in debt. So, fellow Wang Song contact,, so that in Linyi with 300 yuan to buy an imitation gun that he bought a dagger in Zhenjiang.

Late last year,chaussures nike pas cher, Zhenjiang City Jingkou District Court sentenced the defendant to eight years in prison Dongmou deprivation of political rights for two years; Song sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for seven years. Currently,,moncler sito ufficiale, Wang has been under criminal detention.

(Pu Jiang Su Zheng cite Wan Gun)

When used in the simulation pistol robbery. Wan Gun photo

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