Why I Stopped Giving My Internet Provider Free Money

Why I Stopped Giving My Internet Provider Free Money

I’ve been having ongoing internet issues for the past few years, and it’s been getting progressively worse. Last week was the worst. My internet would go down at least daily. It would say it was connected, but it wouldn’t do anything. I got so frustrated! I really don’t know a lot about that stuff, so I had a friend help me troubleshoot and we determined it was the modem.

He encouraged me to buy…

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My cat appa currently has urinary blockage and is in need of assistance in order to pay for his medical bills. I’m a broke college student and unable to meet the financial requirements to pay for his bills. please help me save my cat. If you are unable to donate please spread the word. This is an emergency and he doesn’t have this blockages remove he will die! 

Hey everyone, my name is Aiden but I usually go by D. Right now, I’m a student at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I can’t really afford the school but I’m getting a great education there. I’m studying 3D animation and motion graphics and I love it.  At the moment I’m living with my older…

Hey everyone, I told myself I wouldn’t do this buuuuuut I kinda need help right now. My roommates are pretty irresponsible dudes who aren’t helping me with the bills as much as they should. I shelled out a lot of money for the place we’re living in. I payed the entire down payment, pet fee, and most of the rent constantly. I’ve been destroying my savings account and now I don’t really have anything to spare. Once my lease is up I’ll be living with more responsible people, but as of now I need help paying an electricity bill. 

If you’re able or willing to help I would appreciate it very much. If not I’d like to ask you to share this. I only need $500. Thank you all so much.