budgeting...adulting...what is this crap?

Got paid today.

Sent 1000 home. 

Spent 50 at the MAC store. 

Spent 70 on bills. 

Spent 150 on other miscellaneous things. 

This habit is why my wallet is always crying up before pay day. I told myself I was joining the gym this month. But, now, I am wondering if the remaining salary will last me throughout the month. It’s Thanksgiving and many upcoming birthday festivities. I wish I didn’t have to be an adult and pay bills back in the US. Curse you credit cards and student loans! 

Bill Cosby’s career as a beloved comedian is in shambles in the wake of decades-old accusations of rape and sexual assault. In the past week alone — as more and more women come forward with allegations — NBC has called off a proposed new Cosby comedy, Netflix has cancelled a 77th Cosby birthday celebration, and the cable network TV Land has pulled reruns of “The Cosby Show.” Yet, amid this media uproar, Bill Clinton’s career as revered statesman soars. Clinton — who has himself faced down a number of accusations of sexual assault and harassment over the past quarter-century — has spent the week courting an admiring press at the 10th anniversary celebration of his presidential library.