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If you’re here, I either visit your blog everyday, reblog from you often and/or talk to you. In any case, it means I like you. For the photos, I picked someone I know you like, someone who makes me think of you or someone who your icon/url makes me think of. I hope I wasn’t too far off. Just because I don’t socialize a whole lot, doesn’t mean I don’t like you. You’re all great. ♥

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Top Queen Sexy Bitch 2012 Crushes List
  1. Ploppy - 8 reigns
  2. Kat - 7 reigns + Xmas Queen
  3. Maddie - 6 reigns
  4. Leona - 5 reigns
  5. Patty, Madi, Barry and Mal - 3 reigns
  6. Glenn, Kendra, Amanda, Kim and Lawrence - 2 reigns
  7. Jen, Sherri, Johnny, Cierra, Kym, Dave and Yolanda - 1 reign
Leona holds the record of most consecutive reigns with 4


l2biotic-deactivated20150101 asked:

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1- My favourite rassler of all time is EDGE. 

2- My current favourite is everyone don’t make me choose

14- My favourite current storyline… I’m not actually sure what’s going on right now in terms of that. Can’t actually say :p

19- I got into watching resslin because my brother was way into it when I was little and I wanted to be kewl like him so I learned how to do the ppl’s eyebrow aged 5

20-(internet fan cardinal sin) “I don’t watch the indys”

22- My favourite PPV? As a rule, Wrestlemania. Specifically, I couldn’t say.

26- My ring name would be THE DAZZLER. What do you mean that’s taken?…

35- I’m not particularly creative with signs, I’d just probably have XYZ is awsum!!!