Taylor going up to accept awards on 4 occasions and each time she had something different to say from thanking the fans for embracing 1989 and voting for the achievement award, celebrating strong female friends and people she admires and of course dedicating an award to her brother and all those graduating and moving to the next stage of their lives. All so well spoken and nothing but positive messages and we’re so so lucky to have her in our lives.

So taylorswift from all of us again…


One direction are honestly so under appreciated even by their own fans, they work harder than any other artist I can think of. They’ve been working non stop for the past 5 years and never once complaining even though they 100% have the right too. But people always act like they don’t work hard because they aren’t as professional as other artists, with costumes and choreography but it’s because they’re just themselves and that’s what I like most about them. They don’t need to put on a big show because it’s so much more refreshing to just see them happy and having fun and being themselves and loving what they’re doing. They deserve much more than people realize and should get way more credit than they do. Not to mention how every year their songs get better and better and idk I’m rambling about 90 different things but I just love 1D so much and they definitely deserved the award. But even though they didn’t win I’m still unbelievably proud of them.