It just happened less than 10 minutes ago… the billboard post just passed 100,000 notes. That’s not bad for something that was posted only twenty-thee days ago. That’s an average of 4300 notes a day. Not bad!

A warm thank you to everyone (good or bad) who took the time to like or reblog the set of pictures. This is awesome. The purpose of this was to merely get people talking. Looking at the notes people have left, regardless of their stance on the issue… this has been a rousing success!



This is a response I am hearing a lot: context.

What kind of context would justify killing children? The answer is none.

There is no context that would justify selling your daughter into slavery.

There is no context that would excuse the statement that the only punishment a man should get for raping a woman is to pay a fine to only the father of the victim. 

There is no context that would justify any kind of slavery. Slavery is wrong.

There is no context that would justify mass murder. None. The point of these quotes is to teach some followers how little the really know about their alleged holy book. How their preacher is just cherry picking.

The Bible these quotes come from is a sexist, racist, homophobic and very hateful piece of work. it’s about time we made some people aware of how fucked up this book really is.

I know you’re not defending the quotes and I thank you for chipping into the debate.




Kendall Jenner makes HUGE at the 2014 BIllboard Music Awards! (by KagenTalks)

Holy shit.