Taking the Puppet back.

Dipper was feeling tired to say the least. Tired of what exactly, that was hard to say or even explain, but he knew his body couldn’t take it any longer, nor was he willing to cope with that feeling anymore. His legs felt week, they were trembling. His head was rushing, and before he knew it, he just had to sit down.
He wasn’t ready to face all the knowledge he had just got.
No, it was different.
He didn’t want to.
He refused to believe any of this was even real, maybe he was dreaming, he told himself, but this was more of a nightmare. And he couldn’t wake up.
Now his eyelids felt heavy.
His eyes just wanted too hard to close, and he did need some rest.
Still, not in… that way.
And he couldn’t close them anyway no matter how hard he tried, because everytime he did that his stomach would grumble and he just felt like puking.
But he was… too tired.
His vision blacked out, and that was the thing he wanted to avoid the most. Not only that, he had tried so hard those last days to remain awake, he was terrified of the blackness he saw when he closed his eyes. Because that wasn’t the only thing he saw, now, everytime he would try to get some sleep, his dreams would be utterly horrifying. No words were able to describe how much those nightmares were scarring him. He knew everything he saw was going to happen one way or the other, and he did not want to witness any of it.
But this time, he failed.
It was too late.
And as he collapsed on the ground, his whole body feeling weak and almost unreal, he saw it.
Everything before his eyes was burning. Fire, along with blood stains, everywhere he directed his gaze.
And there, in front of him, he stood.
A being of pure energy with no weaknesses, rising like the shepard tone.
Such geometrical shape he would never forget, such demonic eye that kept haunting him no matter what.
Bill. It almost felt like he was smiling, Dipper did not question the feeling even though the demon definitely did not have a mouth, so of course he wasn’t able to wear a grin, let alone such a creepy one.
He was far, but Dipper could see him clearly, even thought everything around him was kind of hazy.
He felt his glare stare deep within his soul, seeking nothing but his darkest fears.
And then he talked.
Dipper did not want to hear, but he couldn’t do anything to stop it.
“Good to see you again after all this time, Pine Tree.” His tone was rather chilling.
“Thanks for this precious vessel, it’s in a good shape I must say. I hope you like what you see here, because this is what you’re gonna cause.” You could hear the amusement in his mischievous voice.
“Have fun!” He concluded. Laughter echoed, filling the place.
Dipper did not fight it in the slightest.
He simply felt defeated.
He knew this was coming, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t stop it.
So he stood there.
Regretful tears filling his eyes, burning the their corners.
And when he opened his yellow eyes, everything was different.
Everything was over.

I had the honor of shooting with the brilliant, talented Bill Gentle (also represented by Next) this past May for a Backyard Bill feature, which was just published this week.  

We escaped the city for my home state of Pennsylvania, and even shot a few frames around Hillside Farms—a wonderful nonprofit educational farm that played site to many fond childhood memories and whose original proprietors are dear family friends and former neighbors.  (Check out their community-supported work here!)

A big thanks to Bill for making the schlep out to the country!  I had a ball prowling around PA with you; it’s a true honor to be featured amongst such fascinating folks (and friends!) on your site.