Yo, I don’t mean to brag, but Bill and Hillary are LITERALLY 50 feet from the end of my parents’ driveway in this photograph — the park they were walking in surrounds my parents’ property. In fact, in this very spot, I have met Bill Clinton on numerous occasions. One of them when I was with my sisters Mariah and Kiara, who were toddlers at the time.

“You have some beautiful girls there,” Bill Clinton said to me.

“Thank you, sir,” I said.

I couldn’t tell if he thought I was their mother or their nanny.

throwback to that one time I was working as a camera operator in a music festival and I had 2 minutes to run across a field to the perfect location that would allow me to film the whole fireworks show and I was running backstage while holding a camera and I had two slow ass old people in front of me blocking the way and I yelled “FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS WOULD YOU PLEASE MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN WAY” and I was later told by my girlfriend who was running behind me that I yelled at the former US president bill clinton and possible 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton

“Hillary is experienced. Bill Clinton will tell you that he was in college with her and she was so much more motivated than he was. She’s the one. When I first met her with her Chelsea, it was such a moment. She’s funny and she’s really nice. You don’t think that when you meet her but she is really sweet. She’s so damn smart.” - Stevie Nicks