Okay, so here's what I've been up to.

So, I left Tumblr few months ago with a hope of transforming my body and comming back with 10-15 lbs less and with a firmer, slimmer and more fit body.

I’ve been working out almost every day on elliptical (a friend borrowed it to me), 15-20 minutes (yeah I know it’s not much), and doing strength training after that. And eating clean!


I’ve lost… ZERO pounds, kilos, stones, whatever you wanna call it, it doesn’t change anything. Also, I’ve lost zero cm/inches on my thighs, waist, butt, etc. The only thing I’ve got is firmer butt (but not perfectly firm) . My belly is still loose, I still have muffin top, love handles, saddle bags. I still wear the same clothing size. Nothing has changed.

Please give me some advice. Summer is just around the corner and I’m totally UN-FIT!

Last Monday at the Beach. To wear a bikini and then to feel confident in one isn’t something you roll out of bed with. That body took eating discipline, working out after a long day of 9-5, full time grad school, managing my business and mothering. But I like freedom. To be as close to naked in who I am from the inside out as possible. Which takes consistency in practice, pushing through regardless, not making excuses, and doing what it takes. You can’t be scared of the emotional work or the physical work it takes to win. #freedom #noexcuses #makeithappen #discipline #bikinibodyready #mealplan#exercise #Therefinementgroup