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It was like a Tropical Thunder Storm!

This weekend just gone, i took part in the Women’s Team Series race at Oakley, Buckinghamshire. It was an experience, that i won’t forgot! All the way, travelling to the place it was nice and sunny, bit of wind but nothing major. After we arrived, i signed on and got my things together ready for the briefing 15minutes before the race. Whilst the briefing was getting under way, it started to rain…. You just then hear all the attitudes of the riders go to negative, as not everyone likes racing in the rain! Luckily, when we were on the start line it stopped raining, well around this part of the course, with the sun shinning allowing the air become a lot warmer again. We had our count down for the start of the race and we were under way… It started fast, with Tamiko smashing it on the front trying to split the race from the gun allowing it be a sufferfest for the rest of the riders, struggling at the back. But it was very observed, as round the back off the course it was chucking it down with rain, even hailing on the second lap! But round by the finish, it was nice and sunny. Soon enough, the weather took a turn for the worst and it came down like no rain I’ve ever seen before in a race! It felt like a tropical thunder storm!! It wasn’t a good idea ether, leaving over 120PSI in my tyres for the icy, slippy roads with the challenging corners round the course. The race came to a steady toll, when this weather hit and you could see the riders becoming a lot more caution. 

In this race, i placed a 9th place overall in the sprint finish, even though i got cut up on the finishing straight! But thats racing… 




Speed. Buenos días! #goodmorning #bike #bikes #roadbike #ridingbike #rideyourbike #road #bicycle #bicicleta #bikelove #bikepure #bikeporn #triatleta #Triathlon #triathlete #triatlon #tri #swimbikerun #athlete #sports #motivation #amazing #awesome #bicycle #picoftheday #photooftheday #furtherfasterforever


Well the outcome of this weekend was a surprise for me! 

Before the event, the rider list came through via email with the program attached. I was looking through it and all these riders names were popping up like Laura Trott, Katie Archibold, Dani King and many more… Practically olympic and world champions! GREAT. But this made me more optimistic for the event… As they are NEVER impossible to beat! 

The day came for the 2 days of intense racing to start. The first stage on day 1 was the prologue, which ranked us for the crit race and the start of GC contention. I was one of he first off! Least i got it out the way… I managed to get 42nd for the first stage, bearing in mind I’m not the best of riders to go balls out in a TT and get stuck in. Just don’t know how some people can do it?! but still, i was happy with my positioning as i didn’t come last and it was a decent start position to start with, against a world class field of riders.

Couple of hours passed which meant it was time for stage 2, the criterium!  This was 45minutes plus 5 laps of Preston’s UCLAN Sports Arena course. to be honest, i think it is a really class course. As you can really carry some speed round some bends, getting tight in-between the bunch. Its brilliant! The start of the crit race didn’t go off as fast as i thought it would, personally I’m quite glad it didn’t as i started second row from the back. However, it was still a nippy pace! The first two laps of starting, this was time for me to move up in the bunch and stay covered, out of the wind keeping a good top 15 position. Moving up all the time, if i stayed in one place i would be at the back again… Don’t want that! this race surprised me that it wasn’t as fast as i expected, i thought it would be like London Nocturne and strung out most of the race. but it wasn’t… It was a nice tempo! Couple of riders trying to get clear, but nothing was going. I just sat happily and comfortable in the middle of the bunch, keeping my powder dry for the bunch kick. The remaining laps were approaching quickly, with the bell lap ringing i wasn’t in the best position at the time. I was a bit far back! But i noticed Katie Archibold coming up the inside of me, so i jumped on her wheel to take me round to the finish. Thats what she just did… As Dani King was leading out Laura, Katie powered her way up the inside of the two wiggle girls, pushing them wide. Laura, jumping on Katies wheel and I on Lauras… Sprinting up to the line, i couldn’t believe what i could see in front of me! Just them two, then me in 3rd… However, Grace Garner just pipped me on the line, as always allowing her to get 3rd and me 4th. What an awesome sprint it was! God smacked, with the riders i beat and how well i actually did a sprint… WOW!!

Still hyped up from the day before, it was the 81km road race. All morning it had been drizzling hard, miserable weather. Me, hoping the sun will come out for another glorious day! But it didn’t… Which meant the race started off in the dingy drizzle, neutralised up to the start line and then BANG, the flag was waved and the race started. Jesus Christ, the pace we started at was crazy! Felt like you were at a Crit race, not a road race. They stormed it off the front. I really couldn’t hack the speed! However, 2nd lap or so in i managed a puncture, so meant for me race over. Eventually, i pulled out which meant i got a DNF for this race.

I was dam happy with my performance from the day before!

What a weekend with a world class field! not every day you race with your heroes…

Check out some photos and the report on British Cycling…



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By jose24597

Stoke-On-Trent Round 1 & Peterborough Round 2 Matrix Grand Prix

I thought to give a cheeky low down on how the Matrix Grand Prix Tour Series is going and how i am finding them so far…

Firstly, it was round 1 at Stoke-On-Trent Hanley City Centre, which is my home city. It was nice because, i was able to race in my home town and also it was only a 5minute drive from my house to the HQ, which made a BIG difference compared to all the other races i am doing when i have to travel 3-4hours each time! It was a really nice, sunny warm day in Stoke. My race set off at 6pm that evening of the Tuesday 13th May, it was a VERY fast start at that. I don’t think one of my races have never set off so quickly! But, when you look at the names who were in it, you wonder why… Plus, for the first round they did not give us a neutralised lap, which advantaged to some of the teams who were placed at the front off the group for the gun, than the others at the back. This is another reason, why it went off so quickly! I tried my hardest, staying with the front few who went from gun, but i just couldn’t hack on to it. I lasted about 3-4laps, hanging on the front couple but slowly i could feel myself sliding further back each lap, till i settled down in a little group working together for the rest of the race. The race was that mentally fast, only about 4 riders didn’t get lapped by the leader who which was Katie Archibold. She is an animal!! However, the course added to how tough the race was because i personally think Stoke is the hardest course to do, as it has a false flat but spectators don’t realise it drags up from the bottom corner all the way to the top past the finish line, just for the downhill. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite course… But it is all experience and i really enjoyed it!!


The week after, it came to the second Matrix Grand Prix of the Series on Tuesday 22nd May at Peterborough. This was a totally different race again! Different line up, different course, different weather which calculates to a different kind of race. I clocked on my garmin that this race, average speed was faster to the previous Stoke series. However, this course was pan flat and cornered, so makes it fast and furious. I was happy with my performance throughout this race as i improved the amount of time i actually stayed the main peloton up to the first sprint, then when the first sprint was going on i was just hanging on the back trying to keep it. But i just couldn’t! After i dropped, i was on my own till about 5 laps to go that is when some stragglers who dropped before me, caught me and we worked together till the end. However, we still sprinted in our little group to get a good position! I came 3rd in our little group sprint, which hopefully placed me high and mid way. Great racing to be part off, as i can just see how faster the standard is getting and the quality is increasing every time! 

Bring on Edinburgh next Thursday, 29th May which is on my birthday.. WOO!