Festival of the Bicycle Update - Plans for 2012/2013

Hello Everyone!

You may be wondering when Festival of the Bicycle 2012 is going to take place and be itching to find out when you can return to the glorious Mabley Green, well I’m afraid we are not running the festival in 2012. There are a couple of reasons behind this, the first on is that we are organising another big event in 2012 already…….

John and Sophie are getting married! That’s right we’re having a Festival of the Bicycle style wedding in October on Sophie’s native Isle of Wight which will be our major event of 2012!



 However we don’t like to rest too much here at Festival of the Bicycle so we have a few treats in store for you this summer as well.

Look out for posts on the absolutely amazingly awesome VELO JAM coming up this summer and brace yourself for the brilliant BIKEMINDED Magical Mystery Music Tours!!