Photography while climbing.

I got into photography to document my climbing trips. This is a rare photo of me taking a brake three days into a six day climb on El Captain in Yosemite National Park. These were good days for me as it was before email, cell phones, social media and the demands of the prior stated. 

Its easy to forget our beginnings but this image brings back a flood of good memories. The smell of the granite in the sun, the sound of the wind as it moved up the wall, the solid connection with Darin my climbing partner, a life focused on creativity and adventure.

How did you start out in your profession?

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Waking up on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. 

Some of the best sleep I have ever had was hanging on the side of a sheer rock face. While many would feel it to be crazy and unnerving, me and my climbing partner Darin would look forward to our time up in “The Vertical”. 

My partner Darin took this photo of me back in 2001, 3 days up on a climbing route called “Mescalito”. It was a 7 day climb and had only two real ledges to stand or sit on. in the photo I am in an old A5 portaledge with Tibetan pray flags along the suspension straps and a set at the bottom. You can see Darin’s boot in the foreground and Half Dome is way in the background. 

These were such good times. 

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