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Full List of Big Takeovers 2009 - 2012 - CALL OUT: WE NEED YOUR MEMORIES

Call out! Were you at any of the following gigs between 2009-2012?

I am looking for short AUDIO clips from anyone who was at any of these gigs! Tell us your memories. Record yourself talking about anything you can remember of any of these shows, the good, the bad and the crazy, whether it’s a particular set, interaction or weird/great thing that happened. Did you play/dance/fall over? All totally anonymous.  It doesn’t need to be long or coherent and it doesn’t matter about the file format.  Use a smartphone app or your computer, and sent it straight to, or via Dropbox. Written responses also great.

These clips will be the centrepiece of a neat installation piece I am working on for the Made Possible By Squatting exhibition happening in September 2013.


The deadline to submit audio to me is 1st Sept (yes, next Sunday!) which also the 1 year anniversary of S144, the law which criminalised residential squatting. There is every likelihood this will be extended to cover non-residential buildings soon. If that makes you feel weird, please be a part of this.


BTO 1: July 10 2009: Logic Problem (North Carolina), Mob Rules, Ironclad, Nowhere Fast, Black Time, Shitty Limits @ Arch 598, London

BTO 2: Sept 19 2009: Vogue (Holland) , Moat, Guilty Parents, Black Mamba Beat, Sex Dungeon @ Rampart Social Centre, Whitechapel

BTO 3: Oct 30th 2009: Social Circkle (Boston, MA) , The Wankys, Methodist Centre, Skiplickers, The Sceptres @ Office on Lower Clapton Road

BTO 4: April 7th 2010: Facel Vega, The Sceptres, The Love Triangle, Flats, Bird Calls @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney

BTO 5: April 23rd 2010: Deal with It, Nowhere Fast, Ark of the Covenant, Clean Slate (Tremors)  @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney

BTO 6: May 13th 2010: Canadian Rifle (Chicago), No Slogan, Only Fumes and Corpses, The Human Race, Wake Up Dead @ The Drop, Hackney

BTO 7: June 9th 2010: Total abuse, Diet Pills, Woolf, @ Netil House, Hackney (this show got shut down but it still counts!)

BTO 8: July 10th 2010: Punch (California), Comadre, Hammers,Etai Keshiki, Can’t Relate @  Ratstar, Camberwell

BTO 9: July 17th 2010: The Haxan Cloak, Love Triangle, Black Mamba Beat, Roof of Hayward Gallery

BTO 10; July 31st 2010: Glam (Spain), Hygiene, Saturday’s Kids, The Lowest Form @ Ratstar, Camberwell

BTO 11: August 31st 2010: Urban Blight (Canada), Pettybone, Ripped to Shreds, The Hard Way, The Shitty Limits @  Ratstar, Camberwell

BTO 12: Sat October 9th, 2010: Coke Bust (USA), Abolition, Hoogswater, Joshua’s Song, Threshold community centre, Hackney

BTO 13: October 30th, 2010: Straight Jacket Nation (Australia), Mob Rules, No @ Woodmill Warehouse, Bermondsey

BTO 14: November 11th 2010, Warning/Warning (France), Contort, Woolf, Good Wife @ Railway Arch, Bethnal Green

BTO 15: December 11th 2010:  Deal with it, Harbour, Hygiene, The Sceptres, Amateur Video on a Boat on the Thames

BTO 16: July 1st, 2011: Thou (New Orleans) Moloch, The Haxan Cloak, Diet Pills, The Old Fire Station, Stoke Newington

BTO 17: October 14th 2011: Inservibles (Mexico), Nekromantiker, The Injections @ Oliver House, Old Street

BTO 18: December 7th 2011: Total Control (Australia), Satellites of Love, Yola Fatoush, Good Throb @ Oliver House, Old Street

BTO 19; Saturday 31st March 2012: Facel Vega, Woolf, Loveover, No, at Brixton Community Base

BTO 20: Friday 29th June 2012: Black Time, Hygiene, Sauna Youth, City Yelps, Quango, @ The Others, Stoke Newington



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Hi Folks! I am exciting to be working on a piece for this exhibition called MADE POSSIBLE BY SQUATTING happening in London in September.

The piece is basically an archive of Big Takeover gigs. I would like anyone who is interested to get involved.

Things I’m after:

- Photographs (digital, analogue, whatever!) or video footage. They dont need to necessarily be high res. Anything and everything. Send it in!

- Memories and recollections of any of these shows. Did you play a Big Takeover? Was this your first time in a squat? Did you have a good or bad experience, or anything you want to share? This is about documentation not nostalgia so you can say whatever you like. I am interested in gathering bits of writing and in particular audio of people talking about their memories of any of these shows. Record yourself or your mates if you were at a BTO!

The archive will feature listening booths with songs from bands that played spliced with audio of people who attended. There will be a free risographed zine containing the written memories plus essays about the wider issue of the criminalisation of squatting and how this ties in with DIY communities and their spaces around the world.

You can email contributions to