Chris Kluwe played in the NFL for eight years, but he’s been a gamer for 26 — and he’s tired of the misogyny in today’s …

Because you’re lazy. You’re ignorant. You are a blithering collection of wannabe Wikipedia philosophers, drunk on your own buzzwords, incapable of forming an original thought.

You display a lack of knowledge stunning in its scope, a fundamental disregard of history and human nature so pronounced that makes me wonder if lead paint is a key component of your diet.

These paint-huffing shitgoblins think they’re “gamers,” and it pisses me the fuck off.

You slopebrowed weaseldicks with zero reading comprehension and even less critical thinking skills 

Like they’re all little Anne Franks, hiding in their basements from the PC Nazis and Social Justice Warrior brigades, desperately protecting the last shreds of “core gaming” in their unironically horrible Liveblog journals filled with patently obvious white privilege and poorly disguised misogyny. 

I’d give you respect, but you lost it at your opening paragraph. You are a prime example of the horrible attitude and vile hate that comes with being anti-gamergate. I’m not the one insulting anybody and for the most part neither is our group.

This guy is a dick and not someone you should be listening to for advice on anything. Guess what, you’re a bad example of a gamer. People that say things like this and treat people like this are the reason the public hates gamers. Please stop insulting my culture by slandering it then also saying you’re part of it.

Who am I? A technology professional and gamer for the past 28 years. I study sociology for fun. I’ve volunteered for fundraisers, activism, and charity. Given money to them as well. I don’t tell people what to think or insult them for their opinions. I’ve traveled much of the world and immersed myself in various cultures. One thing I’ve learned, real gamers don’t act like you. I’ve made friends through gaming with amazing people who are anything but the things you call them.

Having been part of the NFL is no claim to glory. Like there isn’t misogyny there. We aren’t up in arms over “gamers are dead”. If you care enough to write this article defaming us, maybe you should take 5 minutes to find out what we actually do and who we are. Because honestly, if I were to judge you based on your picture, that you were in the NFL, and that you claim to be a gamer I could throw together quite the laundry list of insults. However, I don’t treat people like that.

You don’t make one claim that you are not a misogynist, you just say you’re tired of people talking about it. Either way, you’ve certainly shown you’re a bigot. I stand against bigotry.

Signed: A better kind of gamer with respect and ethics

Welcome to Passive, New York

As Andy Henriquez, a 19 year old from Washington Heights lay in his cell dying from a tear in his aorta, an artery that supplies blood to the heart, he asked a guard if he could call his mother just to say goodbye. For days he suffered in pain barely able to breathe as the blood made its way down to his groin. He request was denied. His fellow inmates knew something was wrong. They screamed and kicked doors in a failed bid to get Andy some help.

A doctor who visited him earlier that day prescribed him hand cream and wrote the prescription in the wrong name.

Hours later he was found dead on the floor of his cell.

This happened in April of last year, New Yorkers are just hearing about it today because a suit has been filed by the lawyer of Mr. Henriquez’s family.

In this last year I have been thinking about some things….

I have thought about the death of Eric Garner and the muted outrage that followed.

I have thought about all the black men who were set up by Detective Louis Scarcella from Brooklyn, who have languished in jail for years and are just now having their cases reviewed after it was discovered Scarcella was crooked and the silence that followed.

I have thought about how everyone just accepts that Stop and Frisk is a thing of the past and that the rights of black and brown men here in New York City are not still being violated.

I have thought about how slick it was for our Mayor to parade his black family in front of the cameras to get elected and how New Yorkers have yet to check him for basically being Bloomberg 2.0.

I have thought about those who live in the projects whose stewards, NYCHA, last year said they had a surplus of money to fix them and are now saying this year they have no money.

I have thought about how “affordable housing” here means you must make damn near 100k, yet no one seems to believe that this city hates its poor.

I have thought about the fact that this city has the highest rates of workplace discrimination lawsuits in the country, yet no one wants to address racism in the workplace.

I have thought about how gentrification of this city has made many neighborhoods I once loved and enjoyed unrecognizable and in my view turned its residents into the quietest, softest, most passive lot of New Yorkers I have ever experienced in my lifetime here.

Who the fuck are you people?

There will be very little outrage over Mr. Henriquez’s death. This lot of New Yorkers would be more outraged if you kicked a cat than if you choked a young black man to death or allowed one to internally bleed to death on the floor of a jail cell.


[Pictured: four images displaying a Facebook “fan page” titled “Confused Muslim girl. The photos include three memes posted by the page which feature a Muslimah in a hijab making sarcastic, incredulous face behind captions including: “When your dad trades you for a camel.” “When your mother does not wear her burqa” and “When you cousin crashes a plane into an American building and forgets to invite you”. The fourth photo is a status update by the page saying: “who wants to blow up some shit? ;)”.]

Hey there Tumblr! I heard you hate racism! Cool, me too. I hate racism a lot. So I need your help.

The above photos are screenshots taken from this Facebook page. Content/trigger warning on that page - they’re not restraining themselves from joking about suicide, rape, and abuse.

According to Facebook rules, hate speech and speech that attacks a protected group should not be allowed. This page is a clear violation of that rule - it is a constant stream of Islamophobic vitriol and ignorance, mixed in with a fuck-ton of orientalism. Please report this page for hate speech and spread the word, and don’t let these fuckers get away with this blatantly racist minstrel show.


From Exposing Men’s Rights Activism:

“I made this because quite frankly I’m sick and tired of these bigots making excuses for their ignorance. The most prevalent one seems to be “I’m just playing devil’s advocate here!”

No, that’s not the only thing you are doing. You are perpetuating ideas that were and still are utilized to marginalize historically exploited and oppressed groups of people. Stop making excuses for bigotry and educate yourself!” 


Denzel “Jaba” Curnell, 19, died from a bullet wound to the head after an encounter with a South Carolina police officer on Friday night in, what authorities claim, was a suicide. But witnesses tell a different story.

Several witnesses say that Officer Jamal Medlin told Curnell to get down and put his hands behind his head before he shot him. An autopsy revealed that Curnell died from a bullet wound to the right side of his head. Curnell, according to family, is left-handed.



Translation: This man was lynched by a racist cop in South Carolina — a state which still openly flies the Confederate Flag at its Capitol building.

SIGNAL BOOST THIS SHIT. I got a picture of this disgusting Islamophobic advertisement on the side of a Muni Metro this morning (Monday, October 20th) and I am pissed as fuck. I cannot believe that in a city as diverse as San Francisco, the public transit company would dare to run something as awful as this.

I’m going to track down their contact info and let them know exactly how I feel about hate speech on public vehicles. I’ll update with some numbers when I can but in them meantime I know they’re @sfmta_muni on Twitter.

Make some noise. This shouldn’t have been allowed by the company and it won’t be allowed by the riders.

Ersula Ore. Eric Garner. Jahmil-El Cuffee. Rosan Miller. Marlene Pinnock. Al Flowers. Alonzo Grant. This is just a sample of the men and women who have been savagely, and unnecessarily, beaten by police officers this summer. Garner’s case, in which an NYPD officer used a chokehold to restrain the 43-year-old Staten Island father, resulted in death (On Friday a medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide at the hands of the NYPD). Since then, the topic of “police brutality” has gained momentum nationwide and has sparked outcry from elected officials and community members asking for police reform. Just last week, in a meeting at New York City Hall, Rev. Al Sharpton told Mayor Bill De Blasio of his biracial son: “If Dante wasn’t your son, he’d be a candidate for a chokehold.” And it’s true. But why? How, in Obama’s America, did we end up here?

The following comment added by a regular Gawker reader is of note:

Nothing involving black Americans is a national crisis unless it’s something that makes white people feel threatened, like mass protests against inequality. National crises involve citizens. And most white Americans don’t really view black Americans as full, legitimate citizens. They are an other. Also, the truth is, police brutality makes whites feel safe. Our culture paints blacks as inevitable criminal threats and police brutality makes whites feel as if those threats are being kept in line.

Racism is so easily able to continue to spread because white people are taught that racism is bad, but not exactly what racism is, so they’re allowed to see the boundary as just past whatever it is they do. That’s why Southern white men can be friends with black men and play in bands with black men and give toasts at black men’s weddings, and claim all day not to be racist, but when those black men’s sons try to date their white daughters, give speeches about “crows flying with crows and doves flying with doves.” In their minds, racism is active hatred, so as long as they’re nice and friendly to people of color, as long as they don’t commit physical violence, as long as active attacks on people of color are deplorable to them, they can’t possibly be racist.

To white people, when defining racism, the thought process is this: “Racism is bad. I am not bad. Therefore, I am not racist, and whatever racism entails, it is out of the scope of my common actions or beliefs.” This goes for all oppressors on all axes. Nobody wants to see themselves as a villain, and so they forget that villains see themselves as heroes too, and that doing good requires making good choices based on good information. Being good takes effort, because when you have power over someone else, being villainous toward them on some level is a much easier path, even—maybe especially—when you don’t realize you’re doing it.

It absolutely blows my mind that people don’t believe that racism can exist against white people. I cannot comprehend the fuckery nor mental gymnastics it takes to come to such a conclusion. And what’s worse is, people actually try to brush away the issue, claiming either that it isn’t a problem or that “it’s only a couple of blogs on Tumblr, don’t get your panties in a wad about it.” Could you imagine what would happen if there were blogs like killallblackpeople or fuckyeahdeadafricans? But no, blogs like Fuck Yeah Dead Crackers and Murder White People are rampant, celebrated, and encouraged.

It doesn’t matter what race is your target: you’re still a fucking racist.

I don’t understand why we’re talking about this. The prof just doesn’t understand how it is today because she’s from a different generation. I mean, we have Obama, right? And Beyonce! Listen, I have black friend, and her parents are dentists. So I don’t understand why we’re still talking about racism.
—  White Second Year Education Student, York University, in a lecture in an education class on race and racism (she said this in response to a black student describing a racist incident they experienced)