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I’ve read fics involving the ship, but I don’t really ship it? I like how people have written said fics, I just, yeah, I don’t ship it. It’s not that I haven’t considered it, I just can’t see it working out too well. Baralai’s got his faith in Yevon and Paine…really doesn’t like Yevon all too much. She wouldn’t outright say it to his face, but yeah, that would create a bigish wall for the relationship I’d imagine. That and Paine’s pretty independant and if there’s something the matter, I’d imagine Baralai would want to try and get her to talk about it. Which wouldn’t happen straight away and he’d be left hanging for quite a while before she’d be able to talk about it. I think that’d bug him after a while. That’s not even considering the fact that Baralai can be sneaky little shit when he wants to be and I don’t think Paine would 100% trust him. Which would throw up barriers all over the place.

But yeah, I’ve considered it. I just don’t ship it all that much, if at all. If anything, it’s entertaining to read in fics, just not to roleplay for me.