“God, this is torture at 8 am,” the blond next to him muttered. Levi tried to stifle a laugh. Since the beginning of the school year, Heath had stayed relatively quiet. Being the new kid in school was hard, especially for people who were as shy as he was. Over the past few weeks, he’d started to speak up a little more around Levi. Still, he didn’t know much about Heath other than his family had just moved to town from Sunset Valley, he was always playing with his hair & he smelled really good.

“Survival of the fittest,” Levi whispered as Heath looked up at him, bright green eyes gazing through soft, pale strands. “If you survive four years of this, they let you live.”

“Wow, Twinbrook is rough,” he chortled, a shy smile on his lips. 


These beautiful set photos from the production of Star Wars: A New Hope were only recently unearthed.

These images were taken by script supervisor Ann Skinner, and provide a rare look at our heroes (Luke and Leia) and an even more rare look at two much more obscure characters. Biggs Darklighter (third image) had most of his scenes edited out of the film, and Camie (fourth image) was cut out entirely.