BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » Avatar: The Last Airbender not a movie but whatever

Jack is a Waterbender, Hiccup is an Earthbender, Merida is a Firebender and Rapunzel is an Airbender

because i saw justine tag this in one of her reblogs and believe it or not i was really contemplating on doing this the other day lol we think too alike girl its scary


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » Doctor Who not a movie but whatever

Jack as the Doctor, Rapunzel as Amy Pond, Hiccup as Rory Williams and Merida as i know her title is oswin/clara’s but she’s such a river i mean LOOK AT THAT HAIR


JACKUNZEL WEEK 2014 » Day 4: Enchanted

Enchanted AU …like the movie

Rapunzel as Giselle, Jack as Robert, Gothel as Queen Narissa, Hans as Prince Edward and Elsa as Nancy (for obvious reasons)

[Jackunzel & Mericcup Week Blog]


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » Avatar: The Last Airbender not a movie but whatever

yeah just watch the original ATLA scene and you’ll get it omfg

but omfg god knows hiccup is the sokka of the group you know planning and dealing all their shit


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » The Hunger Games

requested by anon


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » The Breakfast Club

Jack as the Criminal, Hiccup as the Brain, Rapunzel as the Princess and Merida as the Athlete except Merida is nothing like Andy so let’s just remake the Athlete character a bit okay


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » Once Upon A Time not a movie but whatever

requested by anwarpike

"I’ll release you when you return the leather pouch you stole with my jewels." "Not the jewelry type." "I noticed." "What’s that supposed to mean? Are you insulting me?" "No, quite right. My apologies. How dare I cast aspersions at the person who robbed me?"

If you’re curious, watch this video (which was originally the scene I wanted to do. But for obvious reasons, I couldn’t). And THIS one which I based this gifset off of.


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » Doctor Who not a movie but whatever

requested by anonymous

i think non-whovians need an explanation for this big time

so basically the two characters are on this alien planet sort of thing where there’s this infective cloud surrounding them that… well basically it subtracts love and adds anger… and the only thing protecting them from it is a bracelet on each of their arms and the girl lost hers so the guy is offering to give her his

and the part about waiting outside a box for two thousand years? yeah… just… dont try she totally slaps him on the face after he says this though im just saying