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Excellent Blogs to Follow Part 4

A funny lady with a nice blog.  Also if you like cute nerd girls this is the one I am telling you she is a cutie with a bitchin’ blog I don’t know what more you want from her

Okay but actually this must be the cute girls post because Kailyn is a beauty

Also a sweetheart and a good source of Supernatural and other stuff as well obviously but I always enjoy her SPN stuff Also she likes Scott Pilgrim dayumm

Ugg I spoke to soon clearly this is NOT the pretty girl post

JK I don’t know a lot about what she looks like the only picture of her is her icon but I’m sure she’s beautiful she seems pretty from her icon.  


She is one friendly motherfucker and apparently she writes fanfiction?  Which I did not realize till right now?  Anyway she is a contributer to fandom and if that is not a reason to follow I do not know what is

(Also just a generally koala tea blogger you know)

emmatheorphansavior asked:

hey, I just saw your nine/rose rec list, but I was wondering if you know of a nine/rose fic that was sort of like beauty and the beast. Nine is fresh from the time war and he has a lot of scars and Rose travels with him but he won't leave the TARDIS, but they fall and love and he regenerates? I haven't been able to find it again

I haven’t read that one, but I know the Then There’s Us LJ posted a BatB prompt, so maybe someone filled it? I’d have a poke around there and see what you can find.

Does anyone else know this fic?

bigearsbignosetimelord answered your questionWhat is this bullshit I heard about Billie Piper…

they could be lying, like they did with Clara

I hope they are. That would be really bizarre if they didn’t have her there. 

stareyedgirl answered your questionWhat is this bullshit I heard about Billie Piper…

She hasn’t been ASKED. At least, not yet, but if she doewsn’y I will be very, very, displeased. *Gives death look*

That’s what I thought but someone was telling me they had it set in stone that she wouldn’t be invited which sounded a little iffy to me.