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emmatheorphansavior asked:

hey, I just saw your nine/rose rec list, but I was wondering if you know of a nine/rose fic that was sort of like beauty and the beast. Nine is fresh from the time war and he has a lot of scars and Rose travels with him but he won't leave the TARDIS, but they fall and love and he regenerates? I haven't been able to find it again

I haven’t read that one, but I know the Then There’s Us LJ posted a BatB prompt, so maybe someone filled it? I’d have a poke around there and see what you can find.

Does anyone else know this fic?

bigearsbignosetimelord answered your questionWhat is this bullshit I heard about Billie Piper…

they could be lying, like they did with Clara

I hope they are. That would be really bizarre if they didn’t have her there. 

stareyedgirl answered your questionWhat is this bullshit I heard about Billie Piper…

She hasn’t been ASKED. At least, not yet, but if she doewsn’y I will be very, very, displeased. *Gives death look*

That’s what I thought but someone was telling me they had it set in stone that she wouldn’t be invited which sounded a little iffy to me.