garbageboi said:

i'm so confused i only know swedish help what is happening

There was an idea from a tumblr use about using our mother lenguage for ONE day (7th May) and both ladugard and I decided to participate but due to timezones, she started first and i decided to speak spanish… with a little challenge, we decided to write to each other without using a translator, so… that’s why you saw ROFL random sentences trying to figure out what the other said

garbageboi said:

dmmd lol

I regret this badly

well okay then

  • favorite male character: Noiz
  • favorite female character: Granny (bc let’s be honest, she’s badass)
  • least favorite character: Yoshie-san 
  • favorite ship: NoizxAoba tbh
  • favorite friendship: Mizuki and Aoba
  • favorite quote: ”it looks like he’s sleeping with his eyes closed” -Aoba
  • worst character death (if any): wELL AOBA I GUESS
  • saddest moment: oh god I don’t wanna go there, Clear’s endings p much aah