I figured to celebrate 13k i’d hop on the bandwagon and make one. woot conformity ik i’m knocking y'all out with how original i am

so anyone can enter so long as they follow the rules:

  • must be following me 
  • must reblog to enter (like it to your heart’s content but remember it doesn’t count)

Categories 1+ blogs for each category will win

  • Best URL 
  • Best theme 
  • Best posts
  • Best undiscovered humour blog (to be applicable for this one you must have less than 1k followers)
  • Cutest boy
  • Cutest girl
  • Kindest Stranger (for this, I want you to submit to me proof of you doing acts of kindness. The easiest would probably be screenshots of nice anon messages to people. But it could be anything, a clip of you at soup kitchen, holding the door for people, etc. I’m looking for both quantity and quality. There must be proof or else it will not count. Please do not fake these. The concept behind this award is essentially doing your part to make the world a better place/being the kind of stranger off the streets anyone would be glad to meet. If it’s close, I won’t mind selecting a bunch of winners for this so go crazy!

Prizes :

  • a follow from me (not really a prize but hey)
  • a link on my blog
  • my friendship and affection!
  • reblogs on not only selfies but also original textposts
  • promos to 13k+
  • potential fansigns/drawings of you

I will pick the winners when this gets a decent amount of notes/before September starts. If you’re a winner, when I make the post I will tag you so you’ll know!