I finally stopped crying 😭 but my hands are still shaking. 👋 The Googly Gooeys made it to the #BigBlogX.✈️💺 I’ll be representing the Philippines & will be swapping blogs & locations with @marcelafae of Italy! 🇮🇹Please give her the warmest Filipino welcome when she visits our country.🍃😊 Read more about this on bigblogexchange.org & blog.bigblogexchange.org. Again, thank you for your votes & thank you to the H.I. Jury for this once on a lifetime opportunity!✨ (at BigBlogExchange.Org)


Omg you gaizzzz thanks so, so, so much fer voting fer my #BigBlogX! I’m currently at #30 in Asia & Oceania and this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t cos of yer endless support!

I’m so stoked fer this, and if I get lucky and win the #BigBlogExchange, I plan to volunteer fer 10 days in any country they’re teleporting me to! I have a special interest in autism and down syndrome awareness and social issues among youths and I’d really like to know how campaigns and outreach programmes are executed overseas so that I can implement ‘em back home. <333

Voting is open till September 3rd and only 1 email is allowed per vote, so if you’ve got more than 1 email address *cough cough cough!* you can actually vote more than once!

Read my story and cast your vote here. Thanks in advance! Much love and light to ya’ll from North Borneo!

Entrevista a Blueheaven

El staff de Big Blog Exchange entrevistó a los 16 ganadores y esta vez fue el turno de Blueheaven. Lee un poco como empezó el blog y de que forma te mostrará el viaje por Nueva Zelanda! 

(Si querés traducirla, podes cambiar el idioma y seleccionar Español en la barra lateral del blog)

Winners Interviews: Meet Rosario Lamastra Meet Rosario, the lovely lady behind Blueheaven blog and one of our 16 winners. She will be swapping with Kapcha blog in New Zealand! Here’s what she has to say…


Firstly, for those who haven’t read your blog before – can you explain to us a little about what your blog is about? 

My blog is about everything that inspires me. When I am travelling I try to search for places surrounded by art, fashion and music. When I am not travelling I write about my own city, Buenos Aires, a place that I love and that has so much to show. I love coolhunting and taking pictures on the street. I try to find the most hidden places and recommend places that are not in front of everybody eyes.

Why did you first decide to set it up?

While I was planning working for 3 months on Key West, United States, I thought that the best way to be in touch with my family and friends was writing on a blog. Instead of just having a phone-call.  When I was there, the feed back I was having was incredible and I found on my blog a personal space where I could show the places I was travelling during those months. It started being a way of communicating and now is an important place in my days.


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Vote for me in the Big Blog Exchange 2014!

There are only 2 days left to vote, so if you have not voted yet, please do so now. I am only 16 votes out of the Top 10.

Voting can be done in 3 quick steps:

Please note: you can vote for me once with each email address you have, so if you have a work, school or any other email addresses, you can vote once with each of them.

As it stands right now, I am the only Tumblr blogger who has a chance at winning this unique competition, so I would love the opportunity to represent Tumblr and our travel community abroad. If I win, you all win too, because you will be along for the journey with me the whole way.

Thank you for your continued help and support, I do appreciate it.


Last chance to help us represent the Philippines 💙💛❤️ at the Big Blog Exchange. Voting ends on September 3 at 11:59pm, British Summer Time. 🇬🇧😊 (September 4, 6:59am in Manila). Link is on the bio.👆 Also, more about #BigBlogX on http://www.GooglyGooeys.com 😁🍃 (at BigBlogExchange.Org)

Big Blog Exchange 2014 – Meet the winners!


After six weeks of a relentless race for votes the competition has come to an end and the international jury has chosen 16 bloggers amongst hundreds to swap lives, blogs and cultures for 10 days in the second edition of Hostelling International’s Big Blog Exchange.

HI announced today (16 September 2014) on www.bigblogexchange.org the list of countries and bloggers taking part in this life changing experience relieving some fans, followers and finalists from a stressful wait.

Twitter is buzzing with reactions of ecstatic bloggers who can’t wait for the 31 October when their 10 days adventure will start! #bigblogx

‘Just got out of yoga class. I was the most distracted student. Also ended up crying during Shavasana. Thank you @Hostelling! #bigblogx’ says Tessa ‘The Googly Gooeys’ our blogger from Philippines going to Italy.


This year’s eight exciting exchanges you can follow on www.bigblogexchange.org are:

Lucie Aidart - France &Taralynn Mcnitt - USA
Ruth Silverton - UK &Ashley Dy - Japan
Manuel Garcia del Moral - Spain & Roy Potterill - South Africa

Stephanie Buckley - Ireland &Ainoha Moura Aguirre - Brazil
Belen Palacios - Argentina &Vincent Quek - Malaysia
Logan Anderson - Canada &Purujeet Parida - India
Tessa Go - Philippines &Marcela Fae - Italy
Mic Melansek - Slovenia & Jono Cusack - Australia

The followers are in for a treat as we are sending our bloggers on extraordinary itineraries; with challenges every day they are going to delight us with amazing photos and stories of their memorable experience.


Brianda Lopez, Sustainability Manager and project leader says “We are just as excited as our bloggers to announce the winners of the project. The Big Blog Exchange is all about giving the opportunity to bloggers to experience different cultures and meet new people; which has been Hostelling International’s mission for over 100 years. It’s fascinating to see how this project turns virtual interactions into real life experiences.”


Find out more about the Big Blog Exchange on www.bigblogexchange.org or contact Brianda Lopez – blopez@hihostels.com or Jade Hammond – jhammond@hihostels.com

Watch on www.atblueheaven.com

VIDEO PROMO: Big Blog Exchange by Blueheaven 

Tu país puede ser mi inspiración. 

Buenos Aires puede ser la tuya. 


Watch on www.atblueheaven.com

The Big Blog Exchange: BLUEHEAVEN esta entre los 100 finalistas

Después de 45 días de votación, The Big Blog Exchange anunció sus 100 finalistas y www.atblueheaven.com es uno de ellos. 
En los próximos días se sabrá quienes son los 16 elegidos por el jurado para que formen parte de este gran intercambio de culturas. Disfruté mucho de poder participar de esta experiencia, seguir día a día la votación, difundir mi blog y sobre todo: me inspiró y me motivó a pensar nuevas ideas. La adrenalina de estar entre los finalistas se mantuvo intacta desde el día 1, hoy habiendo cerrado la votación, estoy contenta de haberme arriesgado, y sin importar el resultado, participar durante 45 días de esta gran experiencia.


¡Muchas gracias por tu voto!

The Big Blog Exchange: Empezó el concurso

Hace unas semanas una amiga de mi mamá llamó a mi casa para avisarnos que había salido en el diario un artículo sobre un concurso que convocaba a bloggers de todo el mundo. 

Todo lo que contaban en el articulo acerca The Big Blog Exchange, el concurso organizado por Hostelling International, alcanzó para entusiasmarme y no ver la hora de que fuera primero de marzo para poder subir mi perfil a la página y empezar a participar. ¿De qué se trata? Convocan a cualquier persona que tenga un blog, hable de lo que hable, a que participe y comparta su contenido. Hasta el 15 de abril, bloggers de todas las regiones del mundo van a subir sus perfiles y tratar de conseguir la mayor cantidad de votos. Los participantes que queden entre los primeros 100 van a pasar a una final y un jurado se encargara de elegir a los 16 finalistas. ¿Cuál es el objetivo? Que cada uno de ellos viaje a alguna parte del mundo, intercambien sus lugares y vidas, para escribir durante 10 días sobre aquel lugar y la experiencia que están viviendo. Que alguien de la India pueda caminar por las calles de Buenos Aires y que simultáneamente alguien de Buenos Aires escriba sobre la India. 

No suelo ganar premios, ni rifas, ni concursos. Siempre me toca el numero anterior o el que le sigue pero esta vez mi querido blog y yo nos tenemos fe. Es difícil por que se trata de una participación a nivel mundial pero es cuestión de probar y no bajar los brazos. Mientras tanto, blueheaven y yo buscamos votos, vivimos la adrenalina del ranking y pensamos: ¿habrá un nuevo viaje en camino? Con intentar no perdemos nada.. 

Para votar ingresa a este link: