I am too lazy to do a full follow forever/friday list haha but recently I found out about this blog that is super duper awesome.

I mean they are fast (especially keroooo) and they provide us with oppa-fashion haha but yeah go follow them, you won’t regret it! 



I'm making a list of all the kpop blogs I follow for safe keeping

and then I’m going to unfollow you for a bit:/ My dash is reading like the Soompi news section and as much as I love you all, I need to find the other blogs I used to love. Literally find them within the sea of Korean stars and models on my dash. I love you all and I’ll be back soon:) 

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GD Best Fashion Rank 1

Maybe it’s nothing big, but I’m like on cloud nine right now. Okay, basically watch the video first, it’s about GD has the BEST FASHION in South Korea. Anyways, they started to showing images of One of A Kind fashion images, and you will see that BIGBANGSWAQ watermark is IN THE VIDEO. Yes guys, we’re debuting in Korea’s National TV. HAHAHA Nah, kidding. But seriously you can see our watermark there. I’m so happy right now, that’s why I decided to make everything classy and nice (cus I’m a very at-the-moment kind of girl). I promise not to be lazy anymore ^^

Thank you everyone for the support. Bigbang, FIGHTING!

Korean Artist Balko tweeted about bigbangswaq last night. Balko is the person behind GD’s G-BOSS, G-HOMIE, G-CREW drawings, GD’s duck denim vest in Crayon, GD&TOP KOREA Pink & Blue Jacket, and many more. Thank you so much Balko and everyone who has supported bbswaq :) Search Balko here.