We often send funny and weird pictures to each other. All the members have weird photos of themselves. Seungri has so many that they start to look weird even when they’re not supposed to be weird at all.
—  TOP ( Big Bang’s Group Chat Room)
SeungRi about “LOSER” Trans by withriality & HuisuYoon

TRANS by withriality Seungri about Loser: During the concert I said that G-Dragon gave me the part because he likes me, but actually he didn’t have anyone particular in mind to sing this part. In the guide version of the song there was a female voice (singing the chorus) but my hyungs said “Wouldn’t Seungri’s voice match well with this?” so I tried singing it. I was lucky and it matched well but I am sure it would also sound nice if another member would sing it.

Then Seungri continued “I think G-Dragon’s personal emotions do also play a part in this. Recently he really likes me a lot.” provoking laughter.

(TRANS by HuisuYoon) Seungri: “I was 16 when I debuted, and I’ve spent almost half of my life as a BIGBANG member. I’ve made mistakes when I was young, because I felt what normal adolescents feel doing the promotion as a BIGBANG member. but that’s a story of 7-8 years ago.

Now I feel I’m loved. Members care about me, especially GD. I’m honored to sing myself the chorus of the song in the significant album that’s released in 3 years, and I’m very happy that the public like it.”



150506 TOP Instagram Video Update (Deleted)

140504 T.O.P replies to a fan on Instagram

Fan: What you said on the interview is all touching 😀😀 I’m relieved that you enjoy Instagram, but it will feel lonely if you delete it later because Oppa gets bored with it ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠ Hope we can keep seeing each other ahead 👏👏  Fighting💕💕🙆

TOP: Merong (tease, sticking out tongue), it depends on my mind. This is my Insta. I will delete when it becomes boring. Merong Merong

translation credit: ShrimpLJY