Jason is Charles!

After this huge reveal: I’m still shocked! I was so sure Toby could be -A! Besides, let’s face the facts:

What we know:

  • No one of the liars was, is or could be -A! Skip your Aria is -A theories for good now! Thank you!
  • Neither Toby, Ezra or Caleb are -A! Deal with it.
  • We would have seen Big A without the hood and/or mask! We did! We saw Big A in a suit instead. And without the mask in the video of HIS childhood.
  • We know Big A is a male character
  • Big A is called Charles!
  • Big A belongs to Mrs D, Jason and Alison. The Charles DiLaurentis anagram was right!
  • Big A might be a brother or a twin of Jason!

What I think:

  • Jason is actually Charles! And I think they are twins!
  • I think Jason as we know him on the show is actually Charles and they switched places in Season 3!
  • I think something bad happened to or with Charles as they were young and he got locked up in radley. Something so bad, the family doesn’t even show him in their own house. You only see pictures of Alison and in their photo albums you can see only the 4 DiLaurentis’. They pretended that they have no other son
  • The liars have to prepare a prom night from Melissas generation! This includes Jason, Ian, Garrett and obviously Charles! What have they in common? Right, the NAT-Club. -Besides of Charles, I think he wasn’t with them at this time. He might be locked up and couldn’t experience a High School Life nor prom night!-
  • Let’s recap the incidents that happened to Jason! Remember that someone got stabbed by Aria on the Halloween train in 3x13? Jason had a wound on his left hip fixed by Mona in 3x14!
  • Later on the show in 3x19 Jason had an incident with Emily in the elevator! After that, he was in the hospital and disappeared at the end of the episode!
  • Two episodes later in 3x21 Spencer found a dead body with Toby’s tattoo on and everyone thought it was Toby, but it wasn’t! Marlene said we will find out to who this dead body belonged to, so I think it has to be relevant! I think the dead body was Jason! The real Jason! Then I found this:
  • Interesting wound, don’t ya think? Yeah it’s the same with an fake tattoo on it! Great work Big A! I think Charles kidnapped Jason, his own brother, and killed him off! He switched places with him in Season 4 when “Jason” came back. 
  • The most important quote what made me think of that is when “Jason” talked to Spencer during going through some family photo albums and said “Ali was always her -Mrs.D.’s- favorite”! And in the last episode “Welcome to the dollhouse” Mona as “Alison” received a gift from -A with the note “Because you’re my favorite”! 

So guys, what do you think of my theory? Have you thought of it, too? Let me know!


On the last episode I thought this scene where Ted and Ashley were talking he was acting really shady. Where he said it’s about a clean slate, which was the same A text that the girls received. Also, his phone rang and he ignored it and he said it can keep ringing, and then I got to thinking that maybe there was more clues, so I went searching around for the phone to see if it was used by A, and it was! The first pic is of A using the phone in A DAngerous GAme and  that is the same as the one that Ted has in the bottom pic! 

So, let that sink in…


Jessica Dilaurentis and Marion Cavanaugh twins? 

This would explain why Mrs. Dilaurentis helped pay off Toby and his father. Are they the two little blonde twins? Maybe Mrs. Dilaurentis killed her “mad” sister. Maybe the body that was believed to be Ali, is really Marion Cavanaugh. If Mrs. Dilurentis was the blonde woman that the doctor warned about, she could have killed her sister and buried her in the back yard. 

The Beginning, The Middle, And The End of Charles DiLaurentis

Cece Drake, Jason DiLaurentis, Bethany Young, Charles DiLaurentis, Marion Cavanaugh, Kenneth DiLaurentis, Jessica Dilaurentis, Alison DiLaurentis, Toby Cavanaugh.

In this post I will cover the beginnings of A, the middle, and the end. The people I listed above are all related in some way or another so, I will start there. This is more for the story line than proof, if you want physical facts that Cece is A I suggest you  go to my other tumblr post here: http://theplltheorist.tumblr.com/post/109588344464/cece-drake-is-big-a-theory

The Beginning

Kenneth DiLaurentis is the father of Cece Drake/Charles DiLaurentis (is transgender) and the (possible) father of twins Bethany Young and Toby Cavanaugh, their mother is Marion Cavanaugh. (all three)

Jessica Dilaurentis is the mother of Jason DiLaurentis (whose father is Peter Hastings)  and Alison DiLaurentis (whose father is Kenneth)

Here we go, guys… It all leads back to Radley, I never understood why until now. In the beginning, there were two affairs, Jessica had an affair with Peter Hastings which produced Jason Dilaurentis, and Kenneth Dilaurentis had an affair with Marion Cavanaugh, since their ages are similar Cece (Charles) and Jason would be the same age. Approximately a year and a half or so after, Marion became pregnant with Toby and Bethany either by Daniel Cavanaugh or Kenneth Dilaurentis, either way making Toby, Cece (Charles), and Bethany half-siblings by their mother Marion. This would also make Jason and Cece (Charles) not related in any way by blood (I know y’all were worried about incest, so… That solves that problem!) 

Now, the haunted house that the girls pass by in “The First Secret” was the original home to Charles (Cece), Bethany, and Toby and this is where our story begins… I believe since Jessica DiLaurentis was pregnant with Peter Hasting’s child, Kenneth may have just began seeing her, after a while Kenneth probably divorced Marion leaving him with partial custody of Charles. According to the timeline, Jessica probably told Ken that Jason was his so that he would leave Marion. It worked, but only after Marion became pregnant with Bethany and Toby (Possibly by Kenneth). So, since knowing that Marion was pregnant, he was probably seeing Marion and Charles as often as he could and then… The twins were born.

I’m going back to the twin story that Alison told, it was right and also wrong at the same time… Here’s how. The two blonde girls in the story were Bethany and Cece (Charles), I’m guessing Cece told Alison the story because she depicted herself as a girl playing with dolls as a child. Now, which one stabbed the other? Bethany stabbed Cece (Charles) because he was always stealing her dolls and playing with them because he wanted to be a girl and do girl things as Bethany did. After Bethany hurt Charles she was sent to Radley, and that’s where she stayed, It made sense that Toby wouldn’t have remembered a twin because he was probably very young when it all happened.

So, in the video (5x25) Mr. DiLaurentis most likely had a visiting day with the children and Jessica saying “You wanna say goodnight to your sister? Give her a little kiss!” She was only saying it to one of the little boys, which was  Charles. The baby? Bethany. The other boy could’ve been Jason because of the time period and the fact Mr. Hastings said he used to take the girls there, he could’ve taken Jason and Jessica there as well. Or even possibly Andrew, I have a feeling the two know each other and have a history even though their ages would be screwed up.

Here’s where Radley comes into play, Bethany was in Radley for an extended period of time (from child to death), she had no idea about Kenneth and Jessica being married, no idea about Charles becoming Cece… None of it. Marion was a nurse at Radley, most likely to keep an eye on Bethany as she grew and eventually would become a patient herself. 

Here’s where it all began. Mr. Dilaurentis most likely abused Charles as a child either mentally or physically, or both because he desired to be a girl, even as a child. It wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever if Charles was put up for adoption, and sometime later would become Cece Drake, returning to Rosewood. 

No one knew her because Charles Dilaurentis was gone and now she identified herself as Cece Drake, she befriended Alison (who is her younger half-sister) and treated her like the sister she wish she had from childhood. Now, here’s where it gets interesting, in Season 4 episode 10, Spencer and Hanna go to talk to Mrs. DiLaurentis and ask if Dr. Palmer was her psychologist at Radley, Jessica replies “No” and then a flashback begins… She comes into the house flaming made saying she got a call from Radley saying that “Your daughter is here, she wants to stay with us.” 

Initially, I thought Cece went there as Alison to get Ali in trouble… That’s not the case at all. Cece went to Radley to get to Bethany because BETHANY killed Marion for putting her in there the first place, which is why she wwitnessed her mother falling off the roof, she was pushed. She went there to fool Bethany into thinking she was Alison DiLaurentis, telling Bethany that her father (Kenneth Dilaurentis) remarried to Jessica and that she was their daughter. Bethany was furious, she hated “Alison” and Mrs. Dilaurentis for taking her “perfect family” away from her. It explains why her sessions suddenly turned violent, prompting one of her sessions to be recorded like this 

“Bethany’s is angry today, much more than usual. She is verbalizing her anger as expressing it in body language. She is said how angry she is. How she used a happy family and how “she” came along and ruined it all. She can never go home now. She kept repeating, “I thought she really liked me. But everything she ever said to me was a lie”. Bethany kept mentioning “she”. After probing Bethany finally admit that she’s talking about Jessica DiLaurentis. According to Bethany, her father is having an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis.”

Bethany had no idea Jessica was being nice to her because her father (Kenneth) was her husband. She later says in 5x12 on a recording “Is it like mother like daughter?” She hated Alison and Jessica with a burning passion for taking the family she had. Thus begun her hatred towards Jessica, it explains the violent drawings, depicting Jessica as a monster, stealing her father (Kenneth) away from her.

Up to that point, Jessica was keeping an eye on Bethany, she had cared for her as a child and felt somewhat responsible for her (and why she told her to call her “Aunt Jess” and took her out on outings), just like how she cared for Charles. Jessica cared for Charles and supported him being transgender, hence the two yellow dresses (They could’ve easily been two different sizes) which Kenneth didn’t support, which is why in 5x13 Mrs. Dilaurentis said for Ali to only say she saw one dress or else “Daddy will leave us” because Kenneth wasn’t supportive of Charles’ desire to be female.

Now… We skip to the night it all happened… Labor Day 2009. At this point, Cece had been seeing Bethany and sending her things pretending she was Alison, planning to lure Bethany out of Radley and kill her for what she had done to Marion. Alison was never the target, Bethany was, and Bethany wanted to get revenge on Mrs. Dilaurentis and Alison for taking her family away from her. So, here’s what happened. 

Bethany hit Alison in front of Mrs. DiLaurentis thinking it was Cece (because she had no idea Cece was just playing Alison since the two were supposed to be in similar clothing) and Mrs. Dilaurentis buried Alison for Bethany (because she felt was responsible for her), then Cece killed Bethany (in revenge for killing  their mother, Marion), and Melissa buried her.

Now, getting to Sara Harvey, Mona killed her the day after Alison left because she needed to make everyone believe that Ali was really dead. Because, why would Alison come back? Her duty was done, she got Ali out of town like she wanted. She didn’t know that Bethany was already buried in her place, so she needed another body to dress Alison up as if it were ever found.

The Middle

This is where everything starts for the new Big A, starting with season 3, in episode 3x01 Mona is in Radley, while she’s in there she hallucinates Alison in a red coat reading “Lolita”, we know this isn’t correct because in 4x01 “A is for A-L-I-V-E: Mona says she thought it was Alison, but it turned out to be Cece. 

Here’s the thing, Alison doesn’t seem like the book reading type, she never has, every book reference Ezra used, Alison had no idea who they were. I suspect Alison told Cece that she was getting harrassed and Cece came up with Alison’s “Vivian Darkbloom” (anagram for Vladimir Nabokov)and has created every single alias Alison has ever had. She created her passports, her fake ID’s, etc. and the Holly Varjak identity as well, which explains why Alison had no idea who Varjak was and why Cece knew about Vivian Darkbloom.

Now, Marlene has said that in 4x12 “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” she gave us a huge hint by calling the mime “The Great Charlemagne” which if you look at it, Charlemagne is another name for Charles. Since 3x01 to this episode, A took the form of a woman in a red coat wearing an Alison mask, forcing Mona do things for her, such as digging up Bethany’s body etc. (for more proof go to my other cece theory this one is more for story.)

It’s also worth taking into consideration Cece is the only one on the entire show that chose a job surrounded by mannequins, dressing people up as dolls is her literal JOB.

Now… We get to Toby. It bewildered me that A was willing to help him find out what really happened to his mother… Why would A want to help someone that was playing for the other side? Then it hit me… Cece and Toby are brother and sister, she knew what really happened to their mother and she wanted to give Toby the tools to figure out she was murdered by his unstable twin, Bethany. This is how she knew so much about Marion, from the songs she used to play as a child to every detail that would convince Toby to investigate. I have a theory as to why the “T” is always capitalized, either it stands for Toby or Transgender.

The thing Cece does is unique… She takes those that were tortured by the liars, Toby, Mona, Lucas, etc. and gives them a chance for revenge and to find out the truth. She gets stabbed in the back by people who should understand her. Which, is why Mona was put on the chopping block after she turned on her and didn’t go after Toby as much.

During the finale (5x25) A wanted them to recreate a prom from seven years ago… Ironically… The year Cece was crowned Prom Queen (and of course she’s in Drama and Debate club..)

The End

Now, the biggest question of all… Why go after the liars? To that, I’d say examine why Mona went after the liars after Alison was out of the picture. The liars were as bad, if not worse than Alison because the stood by while everything happened, they made fun of Mona, Lucas, etc. simply by participating and not speaking up when something happened. Being Transgender, especially surrounded by people who don’t accept you, simply by being true to yourself, is the worst kind of rejection and tortured as child, she simply wanted to be loved for who she was and her father wouldn’t give that to her.It’s why she’s obsessed with dolls, she wanted to be like them, she wanted to dress like them, but was told it was wrong by everyone around her, she never had a childhood.

And here’s the funny thing… When you think about what Alison did, she was trying to force people to tell the truth. Making Paige come out, have Melissa find out about Ian cheating, have Mr. Montgomery tell Ella about his affair, make Mona live to her utmost potential, even if she was a bitch while doing it. I think Alison was always Cece’s favorite not only because she was the younger sister she always wanted but she forced people to be unapologetic-ally themselves, and face those consequences head on.

But, there’s the other side to her that sees the liars and Alison as every single person that told her she was a freak as a child for being transgender and hates them for it.

I never thought I would sympathize with A/Cece, but I finally understand why she is the way she is. Miss Drake, I respect you.

If you guys have trouble keeping up with who is related to who, I created a guide that’s easy to figure out, pink is for mother, blue for father, and green for possible father. 

There’s No Place Like Homecoming (1x06)

We see Aria is bed and she is seemingly sulking over an argument with Ezra. What is she wearing? Oh, is that a black hoodie? Yeah, it is. It also, seems to be covered in little speckles of white paint and it looks a little dirty…

Well, Aria’s loyal troop of besties come to try to cheer her up, bringing take-out and Rag Mags but insist she change out of the sweats she has been LIVING in. Aria proceeds to defend her black hoodie and pants…“Well, they’re comfy.” I bet they are, Aria has probably grown quite comfortable in that attire.

At the end of the episode we see -A open a can of WHITE paint, dip a paint brush in and paint over the population number on the city of Rosewood sign.

Now, when it comes to -A scenes it’s very possible they happen out of sequence, and the event could have occurred at any time within the timespan of the episode.

Could what appears to be white paint on Aria’s hoodie have been a small clue that she could be connected or involved with -A, or did it herself?

Either way, Aria sure seems “Comfy” in that blAck hoodie!


Mona’s motives were that she was tortured and tormented by Ali and she wanted to get revenge so badly. But I think this ‘A’ is different. I think this ‘A’ is severely twisted. I think that he wants his doll so he can play with her and manipulate her and control her – and I think that’s Alison. I think it’s an obsession that’s totally different from Mona’s. It’s dangerous and it’s going to be sick and twisted and I’m excited for fans to find out more.
—  Janel Parrish

In “How the -A stole Christmas” (5x13) the liArs are surprised when Hanna is approached by a lawyer who gives her an envelope from Mona. The contents of this envelope include information that might help them find a way to clear Spencer’s name…Oddly, for some reason Aria doesn’t seem too happy or hopeful. Maybe she wasn’t thrilled that Mona left behind information that could help the liArs finally unmAsk -A?

The sound of Santa ringing his bell breaks the tension as he is passing by the liars, as he approached Aria looks a little sketchy, she looks around at her friends, and then away as if she is trying to gather her thoughts.

As Santa walks passed Aria she quickly seems to realize she is in the giving spirit and reaches out to him to give a donation. In return, he hands Aria a snow globe.

Now, this Santa was probably paid by -A or one of their minions to send this little snow globe message to the liars, but how did -A KNOW that one of them was going to help old St. Nick out?

Is it possible that it was a set-up? That Aria could have been involved in? Did Aria KNOW or plan to tip Santa to receive the message from -A?

After all, Aria is on the nAughty List!



Hey PLL’s! A friend of mine found something on FB. I don’t know where but she sent it to me and THIS IS HUGE! LMFAO!

You have to rewatch the Halloween Epi 2.13 to make it easier to see

In the truck infront of Toby’s house are removals boxes! And the inscription says “Jenna’s room” and “BETHANY” Omg ! It’s true! Bethany belongs to Toby’s/Jenna’s family! They MIGHT BE RELATED! Plus the radley cab! It all makes sense now! The twin story could belong to Bethany+Toby! The boxes say Jenna’s room and Bethany, so Bethany stayed in Jenna’s room, right? But, they can’t be twins because of their difference in years!

Credits go to the genius who finds this HUGE CLUE! Spread the word, PLL’s ! We’re so close to the answer, we’re getting warmer! We will find out the truth by ourselves!

SO CLOSE! I cannot..! haha


Okay, first of all, the finale tonight was INCREDIBLE. Seriously. It wasn’t one of those episodes where nothing happens until the last five minutes. It was packed full of amazing scenes and several key reveals.

1. Ali told the Hasting parents about A and they are now officially on the case and working with the police.

2. A’s “lair” where he watches the girls in the Dollhouse was discovered by the police, and is at “The Campbell Farm” where Mrs. Hastings apparently used to take the girls to go apple picking. (Andrew Campbell connection???)

And perhaps the biggest reveal of all…

3. CHARLES (DILAURENTIS) IS A. Spencer finds A’s memorabilia room in the Dollhouse and inside is a lot of personal things, like framed photos of two little blonde boys and families and stuff. There’s also a projector, and when Spencer turns it on, a video plays….

Here’s a still from the video!!

You can’t tell in this shot, but they are at the Campbell farm apple picking, and Mrs. D is holding baby Ali, and she says that Ali is the boys’ sister. SO JASON HAS A TWIN. THE TWIN IS CHARLES. CHARLES IS A.

Obviously, something bad happened to Charles. There has to be a good reason why he’s been away this whole time and why his family acted like he didn’t exist.

Now, there’s a possibility that Ali doesn’t know he exists. Remember, we don’t know when Charles “left” the family. She could’ve still been a baby!

But Jason HAS to know that he has a twin brother. They coexisted!! 

He has some explaining to do.

Possible Back Story to Why A is + PIGTUNIA!

Since pigtunia is making a comeback, i did some research into pig puppets, and i came upon something interesting. There are studies that pigs help ppl with mental disorders or who are going through a trauma in their lives, or who are living stressful lives. There is a book called “By all means A Zen Cautionary Tale"by Edward Brown. Theres alot of similarities in this book that can relate to aria. 

1.The cover of the book has a pig hand puppet, and we all know arias puppet pigtunia that byron got for her while they were in iceland i believe:

BEWARE OF THE PIG -marlene king

2. cautionary tale depending on what context you use this ,can mean to warn the hearer of a danger. This book is a zen cautionary tale, and as you read a brief summary of what it’s about: “As the cover advises, this is a "Zen Cautionary Tale.” But against what exactly are we to be cautioned? The darkness that may lurk beneath the safe refuge of childhood memories?…” here’s another excerpt of the summary “  Perhaps it’s simply a warning that Zen practice could lead to talking with stuffed animals–and you don’t know what they will say! Edward Brown takes us on a winding tale through the real-life events of a stuffed piggy named Ponce, whose path suddenly crosses with that of an imaginary person, named, at times, Edward. “ source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20840787-by-all-means 

3. so right away, this caught my attention, what could pigtunia be to aria and is there a back story with aria. So here are some further details of what this book is about: “ as you get into the first couple pages of the book, the main character edward tries to free his pig puppet from the jaws of a neighborhood feline cat as the cat tries to slink his way out of edwards door. so through the tale, edward keeps his trusty pig puppet that he saved named ponce by his side as the story goes on to tell about mid-life love story and a near tragic climax etc.

4. here’s something more interesting about the book “ As narrator, Ponce adeptly moves between the voice of Ed’s wounded child-self to that of the grown-up Edward — who in turn shows up alternately as Edward the venerable Zen master or “Eddiebear” (Ed’s childhood nickname) — the flawed human being for whom centeredness or masteries of any kind are moving targets.

5. ok so by reading that and gettting an idea of the book, makes me wonder if there’s more to arias childhood and why pigtunia seems to be important in PLL. here are few connections i pieced together:

  • aria’s nickname used to be pookie bear
  • in the book, edward had abandoment issues stemming back to the loss of his mother at the age of 3 which continues to fuel him as he gets older.
  • aria onced asked caleb “was your dad around when your were like 6 or 7?” i thought this was weird that she would ask him that , which makes me wonder about arias childhood.
  • the flashbacks to what happened that night, pigtunia is apart of this, ali was holding it before she left the barn, and where did pigtunia go? why is pigtunia important?
  • the pilot of the show even starts off the montgomerys and pigtunia being introduced to us. so is this BIG A business centered around aria & the montgomerys & pigtunia?
  • we all know about the montgomerys and mental illness running in the family, and also the fact that aria already had a patient file with the therapist.
  • theres also clues many came upon about the yellow wallpaper mona pointed out to aria, and the yellow paper is a book about a mental patient (i wont go into that haha)
  • ok so what is the deal with aria, is pigtunia her alter ego of sorts? kinda like in this book how ponce is narrator and a protector of eddibear. is aria struggling with her past , something she cant let go and has driven her mad? has she exhausted all these feelings into pigutnia and some how she has developed a second person who is out for revenge?
  • could her parents trying to make up for something ? Byron has expressed how he hasn’t done a good job of protecting aria from getting burned. Aria once told ezra, i’ve been burned before. maybe not literally but as another way of saying i’ve been hurt or betrayed.
  • Marlene did say we will feel sympathetic to A and why A is.
  • is A pigtunia? when aria is talking about A, she does seem like she’s talking about herself/pigtunia, perhaps A is channeled through pigtunia, someone aria talks toand can confide in, who takes care of all the bad things. just thinking out loud here!
  • the mirror has 3 faces: aria, pigtunia, A?
  • Aria did tell ezra her aunt ruth stuffed her cat and talks to it. Was aria telling us something about herself and pigtunia? 
  • why haven’t we seen pigtunia in so long? and why is pigtunia making a comeback just as we are about to get to the finale and have all the clues we need to figure out who A is?

Here’s what some people say about this book “I believe By All Means can provide valuable comfort and support to anyone struggling with a mental disorder — in themselves or a loved one. Writing from the perspective of someone with lifelong depression, and as a parent to an adult child with depression, I can attest that those of us who are dealing with the symptoms of a mental disorder face one daily, constant, and fundamental task: to manage our minds; and, when pulled away by scary, negative thoughts, to step back from the precipice of hopelessness and despair that can engulf us. Like Eddiebear and Ponce, we each carry emotional wounds into adulthood – wounds that can make dealing with difficult symptoms, and thoughts, all the tougher. But, like the characters in this honest and insight-packed book, we absolutely can acquire and commit to a set of practices – call them spiritual or therapeutic, it doesn’t really matter – that will help us find a way out. “ source : http://psychcentral.com/lib/by-all-means/00019012

Let me know what you guys think! Could aria be the back story to A and why A is? Could A be centered around the montgomery family? could there be a tragic tale to aria? :)

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