I am so happy and proud of Bruce Jenner.

He is so well known and I can’t imagine how big a step this was for him to take. I know a lot of trans+ people who fear transitioning late in life, that they won’t be successful. Bruce deciding to be open about his transition will help so many people. He is really an inspiration.

I’m grinning like a fool, I’m just so so happy for him finally getting to be free.

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Last night I was able to tell someone about my being suicidal and I feel really proud of myself and I know that I am finally ready to get back on a positive road.

I AM SO SO SO proud and happy for you :) thats a big big step

Honestly I’m glad I took a big step away from Sonic stuff for a while and indulged my other interests

I feel rather refreshed and for once I actually feel like picking up and playing a Sonic game

I bought a dress...

This is the first time i’ve ever gotten a dress. The reason is because i’m so self conscious about my body…

Just saying, this is a big step for me. 

Coffee is Needed for this Mission // Niles

*Stiles was going on day five with no sleep, and day one with no sex. Derek had left this morning because Stiles couldn’t call out of work a second day, not with that stupid big project. He stepped into Nick’s coffee shop, needing caffeine and to see his best friend. His tired eyes made contact with Nick’s and he smiled a little, stepping up to the counter* I need a lot of caffeine. Like as much as you can possibly give me.

I wanted to cry at the end of the Bruce Jenner interview. You could see how happy he/she is (I don’t know their pronouns, so I am just going to put he/she). I am so proud and this is a big step for them. This really made my night.

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I'm amazed by the whole Bruce Jenner thing, what a great voice for the community. What do you think about it?

I completely agree. It makes me very happy that he was able to speak for so many people that are struggling with feeling comfortable with who they want to be & get soooo much support. I really really hope this is another big step towards equality for all genders, male, female, & transgenders. Everyone needs to support each other, we as a human race need to be equal and happy as a whole and we can’t do that until we can learn to accept everyone as they are.

im so so happy for bruce jenner he is making such a big step this is so wonderful i hope people treat him with respect and respect his family. im so happy for him.


Here’s something I think you all should hear. 

This is my little sister. She has so much talent and her cover of this song is just beautiful. She’s really apprehensive about sharing so her music around, so I took that big sister step and made the first move in doing so. Take four minutes out of your scrolling time - heck, even keep scrolling while the song plays - but have a listen. It’ll mean the world to her if you do <3

My cat has stayed away from me and Emilia. She’s been really down due to not having me and got used to having me and being with me ALL the time.

She wouldn’t come near me. Yesterday she made the big step of coming into my room with me and and Emilia and just lay at the end of my bed.

This morning she appeared at my bedside purring. She decided she was ready. Had a good stroke. Smelt Emilia. Went to my other side. More stroking and purring. Smelt Emilia’s foot and licked it!
Now she’s sleeping next to me and Emilia on me. I need to sleep too!


just wanted to share that this morning when i was getting ready, i was in a sports bra and underwear. i looked in the mirror and said “i’m fat, but shit, i look good!” and i think i’m finally starting to accept my body. pretty big step for me.
also on the way to school, some idiot decided to make a turn and cut me off, despite not being able to see oncoming traffic (aka me). it pissed me off and i was very angry.
in my last class, we sat in a circle. when we were moving around, this guy (that i don’t really like but starting to be ok with) patted the seat next to him for me to sit there. so i was like ok. cassidy decided to sit next to george and george was sitting across of me. he smiled at me and i yelled “hi georgie!” and i saw cassidy smile. it was cute :) then we all had a heated discussion about crossfit. it was pretty interesting lol, not a typical class.

im watching the thing and like were GETTING there. this is a BIG step in the right direction. so i feel kind of selfish when i make a face at very blatant nonbinary erasure in this thing. not of any fault of bruce jenner though.

but yeah wow…..this is a big deal

This Bruce Jenner interview was very important and close to home for me. I am not trans, but my dad is, and he’s one of the most important people in my life so the trans community is still very very close to my heart and I feel like this is a big step so please forgive my spamming