Hey you guys that for some reason actually enjoy looking at what I (re)publish guess what. I’m not as straight as originally planned. Some of my older followers and a few personal friends might already know this but I am pansexual and panromantic. I hope I don’t lose any followers or friends but if you don’t like it while oh well I can’t change your mind. Shout out to stained-windows for helping me get through what I’ve gone through in my own mind. She also pushed me to do this so thanks for that too. If you have anything to say go ahead and put it in my ask box because anon hate is always fun. If you read through that you are awesome and now you know my secret.

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I've never run before and I don't know where to start. How did you get started and how did you get so good? I can't even imagine 1 mile and your running 4. Any suggestions would be appreciated

YAY I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU DOLL!! You just made the first big step! So now the next step is just a foot out the door! 

The most important thing is to prepare yourself MENTALLY!

Honestly, the hardest part is actually changing into gym clothes, putting on shoes, and stepping out that door! (If I am going to run or workout or something in the morning I change into my clothes before I go to bed so I don’t have to deal with that awfulness first thing in the morning haha!!)

At that^^ point, you’re already all prepared to go so you might as well just do it right? ESPECIALLY if you are feeling sluggish or tired or unproductive, it’s good to get out there and exercise and get your endorphins pumping through your body! It perks up the rest of your day- I PROMISE!! I know a lot of people think oh you will be so tired and exhausted afterwards, but those endorphins are MAGICAL. Magical I say!!

I always say that I hate the process but I LOVE the feeling afterwards. There are some people that love the actual running part of running, but I am NOT one of those people! I love the endorphins, the goal-setting,  getting faster and faster, and how accomplished and proud you feel after a good run. But not necessarily the gasping for air, burning legs, etc haha.

But that’s ^^ okay!! People say running is cheaper than therapy. True true true. I don’t know how it works for everybody else, but for me, if I have a problem on my mind and go for a run, then by the end of it I’m so tired that I don’t even care anymore. I guess it really puts things into perspective- the little things are reeeally just the little things, and the big things are what are important and what really matter in life. And these big things are family, friends, school, your future, etc.

As far as PHYSICALLY starting, I would start walking first! You don’t need to put your joints and body through too much stress especially at first! Start slowly because you don’t want to get injured, and don’t push yourself TOO hard in the beginning. You don’t want to go wayyyy too hard and burn out quickly! Just go nice and easy until you’re comfortable with it!

I would start off by walking just 30 minutes a day! (Or like 3 or 4 times a week or something) and then after 2-3 weeks of this I would start adding some jogging into the mix. I would walk 3 min, jog 90 seconds (and I mean JOG not sprint!!!), and repeat for the whole 30 minutes to start out! I would start by doing this one time a week at first, and then adding in another session or two after a week or two of doing that one time a week. Then I would go up to walking 90 seconds and jogging 3 min. Then I would do that for 2-3 weeks and then go to jogging 10 min total and walking the remainder 20 min. Then after a while 15 min jogging and 15 walking. And then after a while jogging 20 min and then later jogging 30. And then from there you can slowly go faster and faster as you get stronger and stronger and run more!!

ALSO, I would not worry too much about where you are starting right now, because everyone has to start somewhere! When I first started, I was awful. I couldn’t do the mile in gym class. I hated exercise and all things related to it. Some of my best friends ran track so I joined in 7th grade. I remember getting 8th place at the last meet of the season in the mile (I believe there were 9 runners and I beat the other girl only because I ran next to her and talked with her the entire 4 laps and somehow sprinted faster than her in the end haha.) Then the next season, I decided I was going to try for varsity in cross country. The coach literally laughed and told me to make a more realistic goal, and that really motivated me to prove him wrong. I trained hard at practice and on my own the entire pre-season, because I was determined to get on varsity (top 7). I got 9th on the team for the first time trial, and a week later at the first meet I got 4th on the team. Dreams do come true!!

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((I think the first step of getting PAC back on track is definitely re-establishing a new place for a main chat. I know a lot of people left the Skype chat for technical issues as much as they did for the quality of chat going down. Bringing PAC Chatzy back rarely lasts more than a day, especially without a subscription to allow more than 15 in at a time. Having a place where everyone can hang together en masse OOC is a big step towards making everyone feel comfortable around each other again.))

((Alright sounds good. Who wants to start that up?))


Reminder that Avatar The Last Airbender begins with a young girl calling out her brother on his sexism and The Legend of Korra ends with two women falling in love (x)


5-year-old hyung throwing tantrum over his japanese skill


#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 19 - episode 19, season 4
Dad didn’t have a choice with us, okay? But with Adam, he did.


A: “Well, I kinda have some big news. I went to visit my father for the first time. He’d been writing me letters, and I guess I finally felt ready to try and forgive him.”

K: “You sure you can trust him? He might just be manipulating you again.”

A: “You think I don’t know what my own father is capable of?”

K: “No, no-I didn’t mean —”

A: “You don’t get to disappear for three years and then act like you know what’s best for me!”

K: “It’s not like I planned to be gone that long. I wanted to come back, but I never felt ready until now.”